How to choose a safe to install at home?

Banks rent safes less than before or no longer offer them. The disappearance of so many agencies and the restrictive working hours are discouraging our clients. At the same time, the growing distrust of banks, the epidemic and the war in Ukraine led to huge losses. Belgians want to have a minimum amount of money available at home, just in case… And since we’re still talking about it Average 4200 EURAccording to the statistics of the Belgian National Bank, you can also put this nest egg in a slightly better protected place than under the mattress.

You obviously won’t have Never the same security at home as in the bank. So if you make that choice, Don’t skimp on quality and price.

Which box to choose? At any price?

80% of thieves want to act fast without noise. They use hammer, crowbar and chisel, No noisy power tools. In this case, Light boxes can do the trickSebastian Buchat, Managing Director of AM-Seva explains: “But knowing that people have more money in their homes, thieves are more likely to equip themselves. This same box that was attacked by the portable mill will not last long.”

specialist It is advised not to sell chests in “do-it-yourself” storesFrom 40 euros. “The sheet metal is light and the locks can be opened easily. Since the thieves are exposed, they have plenty of time to study how they work…”

In addition, counseling is necessary. “We have 350 boxes on display. A third of the customers come out without buying, to think, considering a series of criteria after receiving explanations.” In particular, they will learn that Lab Tests Used to classify lockers Depending on its resistance to the different tools used.

Certificate EN 14450 for Classes S1 and S2 he is here Minimum Safety Standards for Cabinets for Home Use. “Until recently, it was the best-selling S2 that offered good mechanical protection (lock: key + mechanical combination) and fire protection, for around €400 including VAT,” says Sebastien Buchat.

“Over the past month or two, customers have preferred the increased security that safes provide for professional use.”

Sebastien Buchat

Managing Director of AM-Seva

“But over the past month or two, people have been preferring increase security guarantee Cabinets for professional use (EN 1143) Designed for buildings that may be empty and where thieves are on more suitable ground (noise, tools and time). “The security level (classes 0 to 5) allows insurers to determine the amount of warranties.” Now, the safe we ​​sell the most is “Class 1,” fireproof, whose contents cover up to €10,000. Price: 750 to 800 euro.

Where and how do you put your safe?

A safe must always be attached. “It is either screwed into a hole in the wall, concrete is poured around it, or it is placed (on the floor, in the dressing room, in the wardrobe),” the specialist explains.

Avoid hiding the safe in the bedroom, which is the room most systematically searched for by thieves, but make sure that it is not too difficult to get to, otherwise you will not use it on a daily basis and it will do you no good. Some even buy two boxes. The first, which is easy to find, acts as a decoy and contains only low values. The other, better hidden, contains the most expensive stuff.

What about insurance?

Home insurance covers your belongings against theft and fire — whether they’re in a secure location or not — but provides intrusion limits depending on the type of content. For individuals, “Having the safe in the home does not affect either the premium or the insurance cover. So they are not required to authorize it, unless they keep very large values ​​there. In that case, the insurance company asks for a certified safe, but this It is rare. In this case, the owners rent a safe in a bank,” notes Nefert Degermenci, responsible press at Assuralia.

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