How to create a website for the craftsman? Detailed guide

Today, no profession escapes the digitization of the world. Websites are no longer dedicated to professions directly related to digital. All professions now need to establish themselves online. This also applies to handicrafts. Even if you are hesitant about this idea, you will see that it has many advantages for your business, not to mention that creating a literal website is not complicated.

The solutions presented here are very fast and economical. If you don’t have time to read this entire page, you can already take note of our selection and get started now.

Best Platforms to Create a Craftsman Website in 2022:


SEO features
– Free offer
– Dropshipping / E-Commerce Optimizer
Logo generator included
App Market (more than 200 apps)

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Quality Templates
– Very easy to use
– Excellent customer support
– Many new features

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Why design a website for artisans?

It is indisputable that oral speech in the crafts sector is skeptical because this phenomenon has proven itself. However, implementing a digital strategy is essential in 2022. Even if the web isn’t your primary business, it’s important to build a craftsman’s website for several reasons.

First, a craftsman website is an excellent way to promote your business and show your expertise on a larger scale. In fact, the literal site is an offer that reflects what you can do. For example, you will be able to present your achievements and projects that have been implemented. Thus, potential customers will be able to access it more easily.

Artisan site is a guarantee of credibility with your goal. By including feedback from satisfied customers, for example, your visitors will know they’re not dealing with just anyone and are more likely to trust you.

The other interesting aspect of the artisan website is that it allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Internet users spend time comparing offers online. By highlighting your assets and experiences, you can guide the selection of potential clients and ensure that they connect with you.

Create your own literal website with Wix

Finally, it can also make it possible to gain new customers by targeting a smaller target used on the web for example, or geographically far away. It is well known that the Internet has no limits. Thanks to your site, you are no longer limited by restricted customers. Feel free to use the Internet to develop your activity.

Best platforms for creating a craft website

If we show an interest in owning a literal website, creating it in itself is a challenge for many. Fortunately, there are solutions that greatly facilitate the design stage, so if you do not know how to make a site for craftsmen, here are the best alternatives to get to it without any hiccups.

Wix: Build a literal website in his image

Wix is ​​a not-so-new site-building platform, launched in 2006. Over the years, this player has built a solid reputation thanks to the quality of its sites in particular and its ease of use.

With Wix, you don’t need to know how to code or be a creative expert. All you have to do is choose a template (site template) from among the many templates available. The designs are very modern and aesthetic. Presentation is professional. This template is a business rule that must be modified later to adapt it to your activity (images, text, colors, fonts, etc.).

Wix Craftsman Website Templates
Overview of Wix Crafter Site Templates © Wix

The customization is very advanced, you can place the elements where you want on the page in a very simple way using the drag and drop functionality. The platform is equipped with interesting features for craftsmen such as a photo gallery, customer reviews section, contact form and FAQ. All these elements make it possible to highlight your profession and experience.

Know that if you want to develop your craft site by selling your products online, it is possible because Wix integrates ecommerce options.

Wix subscription prices range from €10.20 to €31.20 per month. Wix offers web hosting on all of its plans. You can also simply choose and reserve a domain name directly from your personal space.

Discover Wix

In short, Wix offers a variety of professional-looking site layouts as well as a well-designed editing tool. Thanks to the flexibility of this editor, it is very easy to get a craft site that looks like you.

Zyro: Create a website for craftsmen quickly and inexpensively

Another option that you can use to design your own craftsman website is Zyro. This editor doesn’t have Wix’s years of experience, but Zyro boasts excellent user reviews, starting with our reviews.

Zyro provides several highly accurate visual templates. The choice is a little lower than in Wix, but you should find one that works for your project. Either way, keep in mind that you can customize it. The texts can of course be revised as well as the formatting by adding or deleting sections.

The editor allows you to decorate your page with various elements: photos, videos, contact form, site map, links to social networks, newsletters, etc. Everything is done to add value to your artisan website. And if you want to sell your products online after a while, this is possible thanks to the e-commerce option developed by Zyro.

Zyro Editor Overview © Journal du Geek

It is important to stress that simplicity of use here takes precedence. If the options are less than Wix and the flexibility is more limited, the simple and good reason is that Zyro is aimed at beginners who want to get a nice site quickly. Moreover, if necessary, customer assistance will be able to help you at any time.

Note that Zyro leverages the expertise of Hostinger (the sister company) to provide free high-performance web hosting to its users. In fact, hosting is included in the subscription price – just like the domain name, and it’s free for the first year. Pricing starts at €4.90 per month for an annual commitment and the most premium option costs €18.90 per month, which is significantly less than Wix. If your budget is tight, this is the speaker you should focus on.

Discover Zyro

Zyro is a very affordable solution that allows you to create a literal website and put it online in less than an hour. The presentation is considered more classic, but quite professional. There is no extravagant design. The basic features are there.

Tips for a Successful Craftsman Website

Now you know how to create a site for craftsmen. It starts with getting the right tools, but it’s not enough. There are also some simple rules to follow for a successful craftsman website.

First, you will have to think of a domain name that is relevant to your industry and easy to remember. This can be your company name or keywords related to your business. In any case, avoid domain names that are too long.

When creating a verbatim site, it is important to be brief by putting only the most important information on your home page. For example, your business description should be short and direct. Your contact details should be easy to find (usually at the bottom of the page). A single page site can be considered based on the amount of information.

Create your literal website with Zyro

A successful craftsman’s website should showcase your expertise. You can demonstrate your knowledge with pictures. Sometimes he speaks louder than words. Testimonials from previous clients are also welcome to build trust with your potential clients.

Finally, do not neglect the organic references (SEO) of your literal site, that is, its position in the search engines. It stands to reason that sites that appear at the top of Google results will attract more traffic. To do this, you can add a blog section to your site and write articles that respond to issues related to your business.

Finally, shape also plays an important role. An elegant presentation contributes to conveying a good image of your company, which will immediately have a positive effect on your prospects. In addition, the ergonomic design makes browsing your site enjoyable. This means that visitors will spend more time browsing your site and are more likely to contact you.


Craftsman’s website has great interests in developing his online presence and business. To put the odds on your side, it’s important to impress visitors at first glance. This especially requires a website that is attractive and fun to browse. But how do you create an effective craft site? Wix and Zyro are two qualitative web editors that will allow you to implement your project without contacting a designer.

These platforms are easy to use for everyone, even those without programming knowledge. They provide all the necessary tools to meet the needs of craftsmen. Their cheap offers are a real plus.

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