How to create an e-commerce site in 2022?

Keys to a Successful Online Store

When you intend to create an e-commerce site on Zyro, you should start by choosing the economic model not only in your subscription plan, but also in the style of the site when creating the page. By choosing an online store, Zyro offers you proven e-commerce website templates with potency.

It is up to you to choose the fee model that matches your brand identity, the style of your products and also your personal tastes. Visitors should feel comfortable arriving on your page and be able to find their directions instantly. In order to facilitate the planning of your future website, each element of Zyro templates is processed using drag and drop. Simply click on an item on the page to move it to where you want it.

The importance of your e-commerce website name

Your site’s identity also goes through, and in particular, its name. You have to think about it and check if the domain name is free to register. Depending on your subscription, Zyro may offer you a domain name lease for the first year. Just like the design, you need a name that reflects your activity, one that is short enough to be remembered and typed more easily into the address bar.

Don’t forget to also create a recognizable logo to accompany your domain name. Zyro also has a domain name and logo generator, even a logo. Thus, if you are not inspired when creating your site, you can use the tools provided by Zyro to help you create the visual identity of your site.

Sell ​​on your site and on social networks

Your website is ready, time to fill it out. To do this, you will create product pages to display in the interface. Depending on which Zyro subscription plan you have chosen, you will be able to sell between 100 and 2,500 products. It is up to you to properly assess your needs in order to choose the right formula and thus get a suitable website.

Feel free to take beautiful pictures, if possible against a plain background and this is for all products. The homogeneity of your site and offer will have a positive effect on your visitors and they will be more inclined to click on all of them.

Of course payment is important. You can connect multiple Zyro platforms, between 20+ and 70+ depending on the size of your site. Naturally, diversifying the possible means of payment is a way to increase the number of customers. Just like sales channels: with Zyro, you don’t have to stop at your location.

The platform also allows sales to be made through social networks, such as Instagram. Or on large merchant sites as a third-party seller, such as Amazon or eBay. By connecting your site to these new sales channels, your entire inventory will find its way around the world, increasing your sales opportunities.

Finally, don’t forget to update your site regularly. Feel free to add new products, to open up a blog space, to create in-depth articles. This will allow you to rise in the algorithms and you will appear more easily in search engines.

Zyro solutions to create your own e-commerce website

Zyro is a site that provides all the tools needed to build your own web space from the ground up. From domain name registration to creating the smallest graphic element, Zyro is a Swiss military knife capable of fulfilling all your requests.

To subscribe, you can choose between several formats. And now, with the 20 minute discount code, you have discounts on all of them.

  • The ‘Website’ package, to create a blog type site, ranges from €9.90 to €4.41 per month.
  • The “Business” package, to display your e-commerce site, 100 products offered and more than 20 payment methods, ranging from € 13.90 to € 5.31 per month.
  • The Online Store plan allows for the same and raises the payment method limit to 70 or more. Starting from 19.90 € to 8.91 € per month.
  • Finally, the “Advanced Store” package, the most complete, ranges from €29.90 to €14.31 per month. You can sell up to 2,500 products, in multiple languages, with integrations on other sites and the ability for customers to filter your items.

These prices are valid for the first year, as is the domain name provided plus an additional 3 months for 20 minute readers.

To create an e-commerce site, you must:

  • Find a visual and virtual identity to create a location on your photo.
  • Put your products on sale and update the site regularly with new products.
  • Double your sales channels across social networks or the biggest sites.

With Zyro, you will be able to easily complete each of these tasks and thus quickly start building your e-commerce website.

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