How to make Supernova Business Plan accessible

Knowing how to write a business plan is essential in the process of creating or taking over a business or at some stage of strategic change. But its wording can be complicated for those who do not have the required financial or accounting knowledge. It is this reflection that prompted two friends from Nimes, Nicholas Cabanel and Damien Ferracci, to create the Supernova in June 2020 using a simple, intuitive and accessible web application, as a first step for what would eventually become a financial management tool. Action Plan. It mainly targets business creators and managers of small and medium-sized businesses (VSEs).

The first, Nicholas Cabanel, Engineer by Training (ENSAM) with fifteen years of experience as General Manager of the training branch of the Sabina Technics Aviation Group in Bordeaux and founder of a temporary business for this squad. His friend, Damien Verracci, graduated from the Business School (KEDGE), and also worked for fifteen years as the managing and financial director of the Nestlé Waters group in Belgium.

“Supernova is a simple and smart application to validate your hypotheses in a few minutes, Explanation of the founders of the supernova. The business plan can then be produced and shared with your bankers or partners in less than an hour. »

Simple questions and algorithm

Incubated since March 2021 at BIC Innov’up in Nîmes and hosted at Village by CA in Montpellier, Supernova has been awarded a French technology grant from Bpifrance.

Its business plan tool, which can be accessed online from €49 excluding taxes per month (no obligation), is meant to come as an alternative to existing solutions but is, according to the founders, very expensive (when implemented by third parties) or accessible for junior accounting .

Our web application guides the entrepreneur to discover their economic model and develop their business plan in a practical and intuitive way, Explains Nicholas Cabanel. The Supernova web application asks the entrepreneur simple questions, such as “What are you selling?” , “what do you need?” , then pre-populates the fields according to its sector of activity. The algorithm also calculates sales goals and automatically generates all accounting entries… It is an intuitive tool that allows a business manager to see the impact of certain assumptions or certain expenses on his cash flow, for example. »

Useful for support structures

If they target small and medium-sized businesses, the founders also discovered, in September 2020, another possible target: “ Large support structures such as BGE Réseau for their advisors and the entrepreneurs who support them. We also signed, last September, a contract with the Chamber of Commerce of Occitanie that makes our tool available to craftsmen in construction or upon request for support.”

“We partnered with Supernova for a year and they agreed to adapt their product to our needs, Valerie Capdebon, Director of Service Innovations at BGE Réseau (43 BGE training organizations in France, which supports and trains business creators, approximately 50,000 people annually). We call ourselves the School of Entrepreneurship. At first, we had a need that the Supernova solution didn’t cover. Our educational work is to make future entrepreneurs understand the business system, the conditions of their economic model, so that they can measure the level of turnover in which they can live through their activity. We were looking for a tool that facilitates this awareness. However, the way the Supernov tool was designed partially responded to this, thanks to the algorithm that provides, in a few minutes, an initial view of the minimum turnover regarding all charges according to activity and sector. This allows you to concretely introduce yourself, and then enjoy the different components. The consultant-coach observes that the project leader grows and matures in his or her understanding of the company’s system. And it’s reassuring to the entrepreneur…we lacked this building block that allows for this awareness and then business builders can move on to more technical digital business plan tools. »

6000 business plans produced

Supernova Announces More than 6000 business plans have been produced in the last twelve months, users are located in about twenty countries and 60% growth in monthly sales since January 2021 “.

At the end of 2021 we should exceed 40,000 euros in sales, compared to 10,000 euros at the end of 2020, excluding BGE and Chamber of Commerce, Nicholas Cabanel says:. We are making progress in financial management tool step by step. In the first half of 2022, we will add tracking functionality, an automatic monthly dashboard, and six-month display functionality. At the same time, we continue to develop partnerships with key support structures, in particular other chambers of commerce… We will likely try to raise funds in 2022.”