How to Make the Most Money and Get Rich from BitLife – The Best Ways to Get to 100 Million!

BitLife article How-to Make the Most Money will guide you to get rich! If you want to make $100M USD, we have tips and tricks to make it easier. Walking your path to wealth can be done in different ways. However, not all methods are great and some are better than others. We recommend trying the following ways to get rich while making millions of dollars in BitLife:

  • Become a famous person: be an actor, singer, DJ, writer, etc. Currently popular is one of the best ways to make a lot of money in BitLife. In short, becoming famous presents you with several options: doing commercials, appearing on a talk show, and writing books. These options can be used to accumulate millions of dollars over time.
  • Selling real estate: Selling real estate can be very profitable in BitLife because when you buy a property and wait several years to sell it, the value of the property will increase.
  • Gambling: Gambling is another great way to make money, but it also comes with the risk of losing money. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your earnings, as long as you don’t covet too much.
  • Inherent money: Marrying an older person full of money is another great way to get a lot of money without doing anything. You can find an older and wealthy person by using the in-game dating app.

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How to become famous on BitLife

You can make a lot of money if you pursue a career in anything that can make you famous. Now there are a variety of options, you can be an actor, singer, DJ, writer, porn star, influencer and much more. Usually you don’t care much about intelligence, but make sure your appearance starts at least 80% off.

Start going to the gym as soon as possible, take walks and do martial arts to improve and maintain your appearance. Get out of high school and start looking for a job in any industry that can make you famous. You should join all social media at this point. You don’t really need to publicize, but once you become famous, you will use it to maintain your notoriety. If you reach a very high level of subscribers for one of them (more than 10 million), you can promote products and earn money in this way.

Once you find your site, make sure to keep your appearance at least above 90%. But at this point, you should be able to maintain it at 100% if you hit the gym and use the salon and spa every year. Keep an eye out for any positions that appear above your current position in job listings. You’ll want to upgrade ASAP, but other times you’ll get upgraded. Make sure to use the hard work you do in your choice of job each year to increase your likelihood of getting a raise and promotion. You must eventually reach the top of your career and you will unlock the fame percentage bar.

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You can now write a book, do a commercial or take a photo and participate in a talk show on the fame activities tab. This will help increase your popularity rating, which will help you earn more and more money. These results can sometimes backfire on you, so it’s kind of a risk and a reward. I’ll only go on the talk show if I need a little more fame. I will only write a book if you have a high level of fame, otherwise the book may fail and make you worse. Magazine shots are very safe and you will earn money. Ads will earn you a lot of money, so try to do it every year. Keep repeating these steps, then take a look at the real estate section to make more money.

How to buy and sell real estate in BitLife

Once you’ve accumulated some money, you’ll want to start buying real estate. It’s basically investing your money instead of sitting on it, doing nothing for you. Buy the most expensive you can afford and pay for it in cash. If the house is in poor condition, you can always renovate it to increase its value.

Real estate is a long-term plan, you will need to sit in the houses for as long as possible to get the best return. To sit longer, you can leave them with one of your children (under will and covenant in activities) and continue to live through them after the death of your main citizen. This way you make money consistently and could touch billions if you keep buying homes and leaving them to your kids.

How to marry an old and rich person in BitLife

If you want to be a little wicked to get rich, you can marry someone who is old and wealthy enough to get their money. Once you are over the age of 18, find a job and then start using the dating app. It costs you some money every time you look for someone to date. Make the desired age as high as possible to put the highest desirable income. You will want your character to have an elevated appearance to achieve this.

Now you are looking for high money and crazy stats. You may also want their Smarts to be very low. If you manage to find such a person, then you should maximize the state of your relationship with him and, hopefully, run away with them. If you do it this way, you can bypass any pre-run discussion. After that, you just have to wait for them to die and inherit their money. Once you have a baby egg, you can repeat this process over and over because you don’t have to sign a prenup. All you need is to work at least once in order to have enough money to be able to marry an older person and wait for his death.

How to Play and Play Blackjack Casino at BitLife

Update: This is fixed from the iOS version and may only work on Android.

This is probably the easiest method, but it can be very frustrating because it requires patience. The idea behind this is to turn 18 and head to the blackjack tables in the casino. The more you win, the more you can bet. This continues at millions of dollars per blackjack hand. This method is safe because you can get out of the game if you lose a hand so as not to lose money.

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Here is a quick overview of how to do this:

  • Go to the casino (stay the same every time)
  • Place the highest possible bet (the bet increases the more money you win)
  • play hand
  • If you win, leave the casino (this essentially “saves” your win)
  • If you lose, immediately close the game and reopen it (close the app completely, not just on your home screen).
    • On an iPhone, you can double-click the home button and swipe the app up to close it completely.
  • If you are tied, play the next hand as usual and go back to the options above.
  • Go back to the casino and do it again

Once you win around $70,000, you will start betting $100,000 per hand. Once you reach around $700,000, you can bet up to $1 million per hand. Finally, it seems that once you win about seven million, you can start betting with 10 million per hand, which is the maximum. From there, you just have to keep going until you reach $100 million.

Head over to the real estate section once you start making a good fortune for tips on how to keep making more money!

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Tips for playing blackjack at BitLife

Here are some quick blackjack tips if you are not familiar with the game. Basically, you try to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over them.

  • Don’t hit if you have 17 or more in most cases.
  • If the dealer shows 2 to 6 as the face card, don’t hit if you have more than 11!
    • The reason is that you can bust (over the age of 21), and they might also go bankrupt because they have to hit them when they’re under 17.
  • If you have a weak 17 and they show a 10 (king, queen, jack or 10), you can hit.
    • A soft hand means you have an ace and something else. An ace can be 1 or 11 in blackjack. If the dealer shows 10, that’s usually a bad sign for us. We can try to improve our hands by taking a “soft” risk in the hope of getting a low card that brings us closer to 21.

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