How to “rebuild the community” at work, two years after the pandemic?

Although Homo erectus was the first man to administer fire, that did not prevent him from being burned. In his quest for power and performance, man has lost himself with dire consequences. So it’s time for him (for us) to go back to basics like humanity mixed with shared emotions like “active joy” to find and restore meaning, both individually and collectively.

This is, in essence, what the interlocutors organize at the meeting* organized by management and the overall performance of the Collectif, a think-tank that “aims to accompany the evolution of behaviour, to help overcome resistance and beliefs based on the hierarchical concept of management in order to encourage decision-making in favor of greater autonomy and individual responsibility”.

Sarah Degnin Det Crosat, PharmD, Associate Professor at the University of Lyon and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Carsat Rhône-Alpes

You need to start by “feeding” the body correctly.

Management: What are the characteristics of humans?

SDDC : Man is a special organism characterized by his ability to discriminate, adapt and synchronize in order to maintain his dynamic equilibrium. It is also characterized by its interdependence on two levels: it is a social being, and the presence of an attachment that is permanently adapted to its environment with the ability to influence it, in order to develop.

Does placing humans in a conducive environment guarantee their future? ?

The work must also be done from the inside; The body must be “nourished” properly to adapt and repair itself if necessary. In an organization like a company, it is not enough to apply the best management techniques to ensure the development of organisms and society, it is also necessary to maintain the internal organization of the organisms.

Should we take care of mind and body, for they are “the same,” as Spinoza says?

It is a fact, metabolic disturbances can lead to a loss of motivation, so it is necessary, even essential, to reintegrate what the body needs to allow humans to develop their own potential. At the same time, if he makes use of exemplary management, based on natural benevolence and the rules by which he adheres, since he took part in their creation, he develops new qualities. Today it is necessary to find an echo between man – the microcosm – and the company – the macrocosm.

Julian Roger, CEO, GSF Mercure

Humans need meaning in order to transcend themselves.

Management: Why would you say that managing uncertainty is an opportunity to highlight possibilities?

JR: Humans have a tremendous capacity to adapt, and thus they are able to turn a constraint into an opportunity. But to achieve this, there is a prerequisite, which is to have meaning. Because humans are social beings they need to feel useful, to give meaning to what they are doing in society in order to find their place and transcend themselves.

How do we turn weaknesses and weaknesses into a possibility?

By focusing above all on human capital and personalitysoft skills”, especially when hiring. Then with good support at the managerial level. Technical skills can be acquired through training, in addition to school learning.

What is good management?

It is management that gives the individual the freedom to fulfill his deepest aspirations, allowing him to find resonance between his aspirations and what the organization requires to function – its rules, set of courses, available tools, etc. It is also a management that knows how to reorient the individual, to gently support him when he does not recognize himself in the group. There is not only one management scheme, so it is entirely possible to thrive elsewhere.

Pierre-Marie Ledoux, researcher in neuroscience at the Pasteur Institute and the National Center for Scientific Research and member of the European Academy of Sciences

Man is a projective organism.

Management: What is the basis of the uniqueness of the human race?

M. : Man is certainly an organism that adapts in order to maintain a dynamic equilibrium, but he is also a projective organism, he is the only one who has desires when animals have needs. Thus, he is able to create a desirable, but still shareable future – which is called corporate social responsibility, environment, religion … Moreover, humans feed on uncertainty, and change – provided they give it meaning – when uncertainty spends On the animal and plant world. On the contrary, it destroys the routine.

How can we make a person prosper?

Everyone knows you have to take 10,000 steps a day to stay fit, stay healthy and control your weight, but no one sticks to that. Fulfillment and happiness in the company can not be decreed. There is no point in adopting practices like management payment. On the other hand, motivation through the taste of the game, or the fact of encouraging man to be an actor he is pleased with, and gratified, can be a solution. Man is the bearer of desire, so the raison d’être of a manager is to produce and spread desire because desire is contagious.

If humans “don’t choose”, can they nevertheless be happy?

There are several ways to develop living together. Free will presupposes the acceptance that living together is an addition to individual groups. An alternative might be the definition of joint ventures – the nation, the republic, the values… – where the individual fuses in the collective interest, with his consent.

What should a manager do to avoid playing a tightrope walker?

It should stop asking humans to adapt to processes and bring them back to the heart of operations. It must adapt the processes to the human being according to the definition we give in this discussion. He must also listen, thereby feeling love for man. If not, if he has a problem with the other, he is doomed.

Félicité des Nétumières, Head of Wellness Training

Accepting his inner limits allows man to regain his freedom.

Management: For fifteen years, you’ve been installing corporate fitness areas to “allow employees to reconnect with their bodies”: why is this important?

F. of N: The human being is not only a tired brain, but also an animal body that needs to be listened to and thought about. So many limitations have been pushed by our brain since the beginning of humanity, to the point of reaching the current situation, where refocusing on your body has become essential. Going back inside the limits of your body means realizing the limits of the planet.

You say this back to basics is liberating…

Accepting their inner limits and those around them allows humans to regain their freedom and, therefore, their sovereignty.

Is it also a way to (re)connect to the other?

Working on the movement of the body generates joy, pleasure and emotions that promote living together. In the company, this greatly facilitates cooperation between employees of diverse backgrounds. Further, if the company allows employees to create the “story” for themselves and collectively and gives them the space to “create meaning”, at the individual and group level, it collects the conditions for their participation.

Isabel Barth, University Professor of Management, Speaker and Coach

We need to reconnect with humanity.

Management: Why is man a being with potential?

IB : Because he is able to determine his destiny by taking advantage of his weaknesses and weaknesses; He can rely on his differences to transcend himself, to change mental codes. Kim Kardashian has changed the view of female beauty by appearing on social networks; At the beginning of the last century, Helena Rubinstein, a young, middle-class Polish Jewish woman destined to live a clean life, had the audacity to flout the convention of building an empire of beauty…

Innovation is the ability to explode mental codes, ask yourself: Why?

Individual and group mental codes are the source of organizational impediments, so breaking free from them is essential. For this, we must reconnect with humanity; We must move beyond the question “what is a human being?” To answer rather this question: “What is a human being?” (Re) finding humanity in management makes it possible to (re)build the collective together.

Are there other unifying principles?

We must first differentiate between management and leadership: management is an interaction of tools, processes, and relationships, and it focuses on effectiveness and efficiency; Leadership is the ability to make a group of people adhere to its beliefs and vision. Leadership requires courage – to make decisions, to say no, to motivate people… – to set an example – or the ability to not be perfect, but to be consistent with what we say and what we say. We do – and enthusiasm.

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* A discussion can be found on the video

Complementary and fascinating, these views come from a second discussion organized by Inclusive Performance, in partnership with management, on the question: “What is human?” At the end of January, at the Skyroom of the Tour Oxygène in Lyon, “we brought together five people from very diverse backgrounds, scientists, business leaders, managers… they discussed respectfully and serenely and listened to each other, showing that collective intelligence is a safe bet,” rejoices Morel. Burgess, certified trainer, general secretary of the association and host of the meeting. Find all discussions in a podcast and video at

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