Humor Florent Beer, “theatrical animal” released into the wild

Already over 200 shows in just over a year. Florent Bier continues his program “Nature”, which will be presented on Saturday 28 May at the Palais des Congrès in Cap d’Agde. Notice to Gardois, a rendezvous in Nîmes on January 15, 2023 at the Novotel Atria is also planned. an interview.

Jared’s goal: “Nature,” is it a way to assume your green activist side?

Florent Berg : is a title with two readings. I’m actually talking about nature even if the show’s theme is more than the life of a troupe on premiere night, and the life of the stage behind the scenes and on stage. But in the background, there is the theme of the environment that I try, if not deal with, to let it spread among the onlookers. And ‘nature’ is also because I do all the characters on my own, no decor, no props.

What is the image of the environment that you convey in this presentation?

I don’t believe in radicalism, no matter what. It is true that we often have the image of a preacher ecologist who says all the time: “ Don’t do this, don’t do that… It’s nonsense, it’s urgent, it’s over. »And that’s partly true if you read certain reports…in the show, Florent who is a character so distorted for story purposes, is this kind of environmentalist, a bit radical, angry. But since there are 20 characters around it, it allows us to approach the topic of the environment through as many prisms as there are characters. And in the end, everyone will take a step towards each other to get to some kind of harmonic path, which I believe in. Even if I think the absolute priority today is climate change and this environmental emergency.

It’s a great performance as an actor because you play about twenty characters. Have you ever thought about creating a real band to perform this show?

No, it is very expensive! The advantage is that I take a stamp equivalent to these 20 characters. (laughs) I had the opportunity to do a stage, a musical, so the life of the band, I know that too. There, I had the real pleasure of setting this up on stage and doing all the characters. It’s a form of show that I’ve dreamed about for a very long time and I showed it to myself with my co-authors, Philippe Caverevere, Matthew Burnet and Eric Meteer who organized me.

Florent Beer will be on stage at the Palais des Congrès in Cap d’Agde on 28 May.

Have you ever shuffled your brushes?

If it happens sometimes. That means I’m doing the body of another character and the voice of another, which gives me the opportunity to do some improvisation. But when everything is automated and the brain is running at 2,000 hours, when you move for an hour and 45 minutes from one character to another in a split second, when everything is fluid and when the spectators are fully following the story it is exhilarating. In addition, she comes to awaken the imagination of the spectator, since he is not always questioned according to the offers made to him. A very strange fantasy, at one point we find ourselves with a polar bear, and an Inuit grandmother talking to Joe Biden on a paddle… It’s very cartoonish and yet people see it and make the trip. Plus, I make myself travel the road.

And giving some form of musical comedy to this show, was it obvious?

Obviously not. But I have a great passion for musicals that woke up in 2013 when I performed Spamalot. She developed this appetite for musicals, and also worked on singing for ten years. When we thought of the band when writing, it was basically a theater but I wanted to have fun. In fact, I just gave myself gifts. I treated myself to a very nice pitch. At first it was just a few songs and then little by little we had a musical idea. I dared ask Pascal Obispo to play music.

We know Pascal Obispo rather than a joke. But how did you present the project to him?

We’ve already met on television and Philippe Cavervier wrote for the Envoy so that Pascal knows well too. So I just texted him. We called again in the evening and I told him about the show which was already in its infancy but he loved it. He is someone who has a lot of humor and loves to go to unfamiliar terrain. He had a clever self-mockery.

When you take singing lessons for ten years, is it just for fun or is there something behind it? An album for example?

I am very happy to sing. But I’m a theater animal so I like to use my little talents. From there to an album release, I don’t know. On the other hand, put on a comedy show or other musical show, why not. After that, if the opportunity arises to make an album… I am open to any new adventure. This is not in my immediate plans but if public demand is huge then I would obviously do the Stade de France with an album by Vianney! (Laugh)

Interviewed by Stephanie Marin

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