If we invested more in “positive business”?

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Consistency of attention, creator of value

In a communications agency, as in a company, the goal is to give the most appropriate advice to the client’s requests and situation. This requires a head start.

At the same time, with Design thinkingIncreasingly, awareness of the importance of corporate marketing is increasing. For several years, the prevailing idea has been to “bring experiences to customers”. Whether in BtoC or BtoB, any company is no longer just selling products but above all a service. In order for this service to be the best it can be, the idea of ​​”Consistency of Attention” stands out. What is that? Draw attention to its customers as much as its employees to the logic of the virtuous circle; (See the office vitality diagram.)

In the digital age, connectivity and innovation are seen as strategic issues. It should no longer be the prerogative of an ad hoc service within the organisation, on the contrary, it should be owned by each of its members. Historical specialists in these activities in particular, but also all managers, are invited to assume the role of ‘coach’ or ‘facilitator’. This movement is taking place in large companies, and they accompany in this direction. Ironically, some consultants are slow to make this transformation for themselves internally.

Agency and Communications Companies: What If You Reinvent Yourself?

“Business sells. A salesperson must stand up for his or her views.” – Agatha Bosquet

While companies are increasingly being invited to network. While communications agencies are strengthening their teams on the advisory side. I would like to invite this type of player to accelerate the evolution of their model, for the benefit of their customers.

Of course some structures have already started such an approach (Elan-Edelman, Disko, Creative Spirit, Darewin, etc.). A selection of good practices, some of which are free and easy to set up. There is no miracle recipe, each structure must find its own cranes with its staff.

Do you have an international ambition?

  • Do Like Darewin Agency: Create (even with your clients)”english discussion ». A good way to practice English and build skills for everyone.

  • Participate in international events and invite a member of your team: this perspective will enhance their participation.

  • Set international profiles and give them the opportunity to share their culture and understanding of French behaviour.

Do you want to develop creativity and relevance to your proposals?

Practically stimulate creativity

  • Do not hesitate to Train your talents To prepare good brainstorming and behaviorcreativity workshopsEither internally or externally. Example: Inviting technical managers and clients to the same meetings. It can also be interesting to think with a colleague who does not know the topic at all.

  • Encourage your teams to We know each other betterEven if they don’t work in the same department. Who is this collectively (Example: Proposing an icebreaker to start your own group milestone events. Organizing regular meetings to share company strategy and financial results. Or an annual “donation” day). or much more An individual (Example: Matching system: two people determined by the algorithm have one week to fix a lunch, or a point, or a coffee… one hour to get to know each other better).

  • Enrich your teams with regular invites External Speakers About a hot or popular topic in your field. Ask your teams to show them, Encourage them to read and share (Example: Through a themed watch on a social network like Slack or Workplace).

Structuring creativity

  • Prepare your employees A laptop with VPN access and a mobile phone to encourage them to experience the latest uses and gain flexibility and convenience.
  • Rethink it workspaces To stimulate creativity and agility. As I did for example recently BETC or Havas Paris. (More pictures at the links).

  • Strengthen diversity of your teams, thanks to a comprehensive approach.

  • Reflexology develops more and more Upstream with clients. Consulting firms have understood this for a long time. This saves time and importance and even makes selling easier.

  • Help your teams identify their limiting thoughts and craft their own Ikigai.

Want to make your agency more visible?

  • Rather than investing in brand content (push strategy) or press relationships, Focus on content marketing (pull strategy) is beneficial to your ecosystem and the operations with them (event marketing with service providers, prospects, customers, etc.).

  • You’re in luck: you have collaborators who are probably already connected on a social network (LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram…) and have a creative talent (optical or graphic). Encourage them to speak out and help them organize using a employee defense approach. Here is an interesting personal index to assess your LinkedIn capabilities.

Want to reduce your turnover or sick leave?


  • Why not start meetings with a personal weather forecast?

  • On a daily basis, enhance the climate Care. Companies tend to undervalue soft skills. Motivate senior and middle managers to this type of behavior towards their teams: listening, politeness, and positive and constructive feedback. A ‘charitable’ thing can also be a good motivator to create this dynamic (eg: a robe or soft doll that is given from collaborator to collaborator for each action of this kind).

  • Clichés “Football Atmosphere” and yoga sessions within companies? Havas Paris offers its employees 30 minutes of Shiatsu once a month. See the effects on trust in managers, advanced by Creative Spirit Agency. The body relationship In companies it will be increasingly studied. (Others for example: adjustable height desks or walking desks).


  • Prerequisite: The strategy or at least the vision of your structure is clear to all of your employees. We’ve been talking about co-creating with customers to develop relevance and creativity. Consistency of attention, ideally, requires identifying/co-building your vision and strategy with them.

  • You can also post barometers from Psychological comfort On mobile, as did Creative Spirit Agency or Elan-Edelman (via solutions such as supermood or ourcompany). Service-by-service analytics allow you to identify relevant cranes.

  • transparency wages A good way to reduce stress and doubt. Imfusio goes further and considers their self-determined salary policy.

  • L ‘Task automation It is also a challenge for 2017. It makes it possible to achieve efficiency to give your employees the opportunity to focus at a high level added human value. Rate here the rate of your bureaucracy, you might be surprised.

  • Do not underestimate the importance of the timing of your reception new employees. Companies that have a formal onboarding process keep their talent for twice as long as they don’t. They are great change agents for your structure if you want to.

What if one of these new professions was established in the service of “affirmative action” and with an integrated vision?

Brand Love Manager, Strategy & Development Manager, Customer Success Manager

Popular in startups and on Facebook, he does his best to ensure a good relationship and deliverables with the client. Sales are no longer cut off from operational personnel but an integral part of project management.

At My Little Paris, Elisa Rummelard works to revive the brand’s image for both internal teams and external audiences.

At Fabernovel, the Director of Strategy and Development is responsible for bringing in Positive Business:

  1. positive atmosphereQuality Assurance and regular communication with senior executive clients
  2. positive experienceEnsure the fluidity and quality of the customer experience
  3. positive knowledge: Ensure that clients are up to date on the skill set that Fabernovell can provide;
  4. positive vision: Create focal points to ensure that technologies, the latest uses, and business trends are on customers’ radar, and that they view them as opportunities.

Mojo Director, Talent and Culture Director

This person is responsible for implementing the levers mentioned internally as a priority. It’s close to HR, from hiring employees to supporting them on a new professional adventure.

“cell leader” or “relationship coordinator” instead of the manager

Agesys has changed its model and offers its managers to orient themselves between four propositions:

  • cell captain

  • Relationship Coordinator

  • Developer of new “challenges” at o . company

  • The pursuit of new projects outside the company.

Audi Sibuit

I like Siboy Culture Director. His expertise lies at the crossroads of three areas: corporate communications, change management, and social selling. It specializes in supporting the cultural transformation of companies, particularly management.

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