Ile-de-France: Top 10 professions and sectors of employment in 2022

What sectors and occupations are the most hiring in your area this year? L’Etudiant explored the latest data on employment outlook. Discover the ten main sectors and promising professions in Ile-de-France.

More than 532,000 recruitments are planned for 2022 in Ile-de-France (IDF). Welcome to the richest region in France and even in Europe! Ile-de-France accounts for 31% of France’s GDP and concentrates 40% of its research and development activities, and is a source of innovation. The region also concentrates on almost a quarter of jobs in France (23%) and almost half of the most highly qualified jobs (Bac + 4/5 and more).

Where to find a job if you live in Ile-de-France? L’Etudiant has identified the ten main sectors with the most employment in Ile-de-France this year. They alone will create 220,000 jobs, or 40% of employment projects in the region for 2022.

1. Careers and Relationships Assistance: More than 36,000 conscripts in the IDF in 2022

If you have other people’s taste, you will easily find a job in the care professions. Needs remain significant in the region, for caregivers (11,940 jobs to be filled in 2022), nurses (7,150 jobs) as well as domestic helpers and domestic helpers (11,260 jobs). In addition, 6,290 specialist teacher positions will be recruited in the IDF. Public authorities have decided to increase salaries for medical-social staff working in hospitals and nursing homes …

You can also get paid training in these care professions by signing an apprenticeship contract (Youth in Initial Training) or Professional Contract (Adult in Retraining).

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2. Deals in sales, trade and mass distribution: 34,500 vacancies in the IDF

Work is back! Vendors of clothing (9,940 jobs), food products (6,020 jobs), handmade furniture (2,320 jobs)…DSeveral positions in sales and trade will be filled in Ile-de-France this year.

If we add to this the positions of cashiers (5,000 planned recruitment), self-service employees in large and medium-sized stores (7,930 positions), general sales representative (1,750 or even telemarketers (1,610 positions) … 34,570 should be conscripted this year into the trade in the IDF. Commerce is the sector in which most young people under the age of 25 work.

3. Hospitality and restaurants: more than 33,000 jobs in the Paris region

The COVID-19 crisis page is about to turn over and tourism activities are on the rise again! Moreover, the Ile-de-France region is again striving to become the leading tourist area in the world, which it was in 2019.

With the recovery, vacancies are becoming huge in the hotel and restaurant industry : The sector is experiencing a high turnover rate for its teams. It lost 230,000 employees during the health crisis. As a result, hotels, cafés and restaurants in Ile-de-France have very large needs for chefs (9340 jobs), catering staff (18,800 jobs) or servers for cafes and restaurants (13,650 jobs). 5,790 jobs will be filled in the hotel industry. To attract candidates, the sector negotiated an average salary increase of 16% at the start of 2022.

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4. Culture, arts and entertainment: more than 31 thousand vacancies

Paris, the capital of the arts! The Ile-de-France region is home to 27% of drama companies, 31% of dance companies, and four of the five national theatres. Dancers, actors, artistic show…

After two years of stagnation and hard recovery, the culture sector is starting again: in the IDF, 24,000 artists and 7,740 (technically) entertainment professionals are planned to be recruited this year.

About half of these jobs are seasonal (festivals, etc.) and in this sector, artists in the light and artists in the shade work most often sporadically.

5. Safe hygiene: 30,000 jobs in the Paris region

Offices, warehouses, factories, shops… Many buildings must be protected and maintained: The needs are therefore huge and recurring in terms of building maintenance staff (17,230) as well as security and care staff (12,810 jobs).. The prospect of holding the Paris 2024 Olympics creates a lot of job and training opportunities in security and hygiene professions.

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6. Packaging, handling and short-distance delivery: more than 23,000 jobs in the IDF

The handling, logistics and transportation sector is a business machine fueled in part by the advent of e-commerce. Many of the positions to be filled in Ile-de-France do not require any qualification.

Pôle Emploi has identified 10,340 positions for unskilled workers in the packaging and handling sector in Ile-de-France. 2,310 skilled worker jobs are also available. finally to deliver orders, 9430 short-distance delivery function also available this year.

Ile-de-France concentrates the largest companies in the country: head offices, research and development centers To innovate and ensure digital and environmental transformations, research or IT professions have significant hiring needs for well-made heads.

19,760 recruitment projects have been identified to fill engineering and research or research and development executive positions as well as IT project managers in the region.

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8. Finance, accounting, management and human resources: 14,000 executive positions in Ile-de-France

The company’s review jobs won’t stop working this year. There is always a high demand for men and women with numbers or law. This year, it is expected that about 10,000 executive positions will be appointed to the financial and management accounting functions.

2,750 jobs from human resources or the recruitment department should be added in addition to 1,300 legal jobs.

9. Marketing, sales and purchasing: more than 12,000 management positions

Do you have a management or administration school student profile at the university? The need for commercial engineers and technical executives is 6,480 jobs in 2022 in the IDF region. If we add sales and marketing executives as well as marketing professionals (5,780 positions), this year more than 12,000 executive recruitment projects are planned for key purchasing, marketing and sales functions.

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10. Teaching and training professions: more than 7,800 teaching positions in the IDF

Are you a teacher and want to post and teach? Teaching professions are recruited. For beginners, a good choice: These jobs make sense and experience a salary increase early in their career. At the primary level, there are about 390 school teacher positions to be filled.

At the secondary level, the needs are more pronounced and about ten times more: 3,590 jobs. At the higher education level, 720 positions must be filled in Ile-de-France. Finally, training institutions still offer another 3,220 coach positions.

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