“In 2022 we should open about fifteen stores and we will continue that pace for the coming years with 15 to 20 openings a year,” Sophie Villen (Cuisinella Director)


We listen to your life and your desires

Quizinella specializes in the interior design of Micro Habitat, distributing kitchen, bathroom and storage furniture and household appliances.

Can you describe in a few words your background and mission at Cuisinella?

I joined Schmidt Groupe three months ago after 20 years of experience in marketing and business development in family businesses, promoting strong brands, in Bel (La vache qui rit, Kiri, Boursin) and Castel (Nicolas Network) in France and abroad.

as much as Quizinella Brand ManagerI am responsible for the communication strategy, products, animation and execution of the growth plan with the sales and network teams.

I was seduced by the values ​​of this company, The first French manufacturer of kitchenswhere everything is done Combine fun and performance Daily.

I am amazed every day to see how rich the Cuisinella brand is with stories of committed men and women who have been successful for 30 years.

What an honor to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary and at the same time open its 300th store!

How exactly did the concept evolve during these three decades?

Cuisinella is a French French brand that has developed in accordance with the needs and desires of consumers.

The main stages in its development were its television debut in 1998 and especially the “La vinaigrette” spot which gave a huge boost to the brand’s reputation (rudeness, daring and humor).

In 2006, Cuisinella was one of the first kitchen designers to launch a storage offering with solutions for every room in the house.

Since 2010, Cuisinella has been the #1 brand in spontaneous fame and also in the Top of Mind.

Since its inception, Cuisinella has remained rooted in Consumer listening values In recent years, it affirms its commitment to innovative product solutions to encourage consumers to consume better and consume more responsibly with the distinctive piece of furniture that represents the vegetable platter (marketed since 2017), while maintaining the modern, well-known and recognized brand. !

We find this willingness to listen and a spirit of cooperation with our customers with the new store concept, available since 2021 with areas of co-creation and consumer exchanges.

The proof is that our efforts are paying off with the opening of our 300th store, Cuisinella, in Vauvert in the Gard, on March 30th. It’s about The third store for Mickaël Perrichon and his partner Claudia Madrigalwho have renewed their confidence in Cuisinella.

How does the Cuisinella concept position in today’s kitchen market?

Quizinella is the most accessible brand Which accompanies each client to create their own like kitchens and living rooms, at entry / mid-range with kitchens ranging from €2,990 to €8,000.

2021 was a very good year with 20% revenue growth for Cuisinella, thanks to ongoing market trends that Cuisinella knows to respond to as a priority.

What are Cuisinella’s strengths compared to the competition?

Quizinella, the leading French manufacturer, offers High quality and durable products.

The brand has one of the largest network of stores with its presence throughout France thanks to more than 300 stores

Finally, the group suggests Unique service and support With qualified sales representatives who listen to experts at all stages, from customer discovery to installation of their kitchen.

What changes has the COVID crisis brought to the network for both consumers and merchants?

We observed three strong trends:

  1. Consumers took advantage of this time to make plans and feel good at home, exposing themselves in their own likeness
  2. The central role of the kitchen as a living space, with multiple uses and a place for sharing and co-living
  3. The increasing share of kitchen projects started online and today 1 in 5 sales comes from digital discovery.

Merchants have adapted to demand to respond to each project individually, thanks to digital discovery, with appointments in-store or at home, all backed by our industry experience and ability to propose a project. Unique and custom designed.

What is your assessment for 2021?

2021 was a very good year with 20% growth in sales of CuisinellaThanks to the still thriving market trends that Cuisinella knows how to respond to as a priority

  • Habitat evolves towards more modularity and adaptability, to adapt to different activities and uses (remote work/sports at home/games with children/etc…) and the need to optimize space
  • Home is seen as a haven of peace, a haven in which one feels content
  • Desire to have a home in his image

On the expansion side, after a record year in 2020 with more than 20 openings, we are still achieving Good performance in 2021 with 15 new openings in France.

How is the business recovery process going after Covid?

2022 could see a slowdown in activity due to tensions over purchasing power, an election year, war, where comfort is more important than ever.

So, Cuisinella always takes care of its customers, offers measures to encourage them to make their project a reality (like Gourmet Month at the moment), offers services such as financing through the Financella offer and products accessible with the START range of 2,990 euros .

What are your development prospects and ambitions for this year? And in the long term?

I am committed to continuing this momentum and promoting the brand to its customers, satisfying consumers who are increasingly in demand and in line with the colors of this unique brand.

In terms of supply and services, we have based our success on Industrial Excellence Expert support at every stage of the project, and each project is unique.

We will strengthen this closeness to our network and our customers, and will present our new products at the highly anticipated Euroforum two years after the pandemic, which will bring all players together around the Schmidt Groupe next November.

In terms of expansion, we want We continue our dynamic in opening new stores and covering many areas that still need to be filled (More than 100 regions are still available for Cuisinella), in order to allow consumers to easily access our brand and products. Our goal: a store less than 15 minutes from home.

In 2022 we should open about fifteen new stores, and we will maintain this pace for the coming years by opening between 15 and 20 stores a year.

The long-term, Keep making Cuisinella mark her time that hasn’t aged a bitwhich is the best in the market thanks to 30 years, close to consumers, which offers original creations, a physical, multi-channel shopping experience and slightly offbeat communication!

I would like all those in their thirties today, whether they are new to décor, whether they want to have fun, or in a hurry, whether they are embarking on a renovation project or their first purchase, to get to know themselves at Cuisinella, which offers Super relevant kitchens and storage units that meet all their desires, and a sassy tone suits them!

Do you have implementation priorities?

We have opportunities all over France and we want that as a priority Accelerate our construction in major cities such as Paris and Marseille.

What is the ideal profile for opening a Cuisinella store? Has it evolved over time?

We are looking for Entrepreneurs are motivated by personal involvement In their futuristic store, coming from all walks of life, enriched with diverse experiences and sharing our values.

Commercial fibers are an essential criterion as well as the ability to run a team at a human level, and we are looking for entrepreneurs who can run three to five stores over the long term.

Anyway, if the project leader is enthusiastic, we offer Training adapts to their needs to support them in their success.

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