In Cotentin, 800,000 euros to help local businesses

In Cherbourg and Cotentin, communities support local businesses.

“Our desire to accompany comp at Development economic », maintains David Margaret, CEOCottenian civilization.

since the end health crisisThe Practice from consumers Well developed. In fact, today the consumer is waiting for a Customer Experience When . enters selling point. wants to find out an offer that stand out and benefit from Multiple services.

during a period of time Corona virus diseaseThe short circuits Promoted for consumption more moral. However, this awareness is starting to run out:

“People are starting to fall back into bad habits by buying again from major e-commerce companies. The process we are implementing is very timely.”

Benoit arrivedVice President in charge of Economic Development at Cotentin

Investment and innovation

at France And in Cotentin, the merchants and the Craftsmen I noticed this the changes. This remark was also taken into account Communities.

in the face of these Profound commercial and societal changes “,” Cotentin, and Normandy region and the Provincial Council He wanted to support merchants, craftsmen and local producers in their projects investment And of innovation“subordinate reflection phase they embodiment David Margaret says.

under Territory ContractThe Collective Operation to Support Investment and Innovation (OCA2i) has just been launched. It aims to support the transformation of local trade throughout the territory of the conglomerate, with a 800,000 euro envelope. Two axes were identified, investment and innovation.

3000 companies

Of the 3,215 commercial buildings listed on Cotentin, approximately 3,000 will be able to benefit from OCA2i. The funding breakdown is: 50% for cotentin; 25% for the territory and 25% for the administration. In addition, one of the eligibility criteria for professionals is to have a turnover of less than one million euros.

Between 2500 and 9000 euros

The first, for those who “want to adapt to new consumption patterns, gain new customers, modernize their businesses and enhance the attractiveness of their points of sale.” The amount of eligible expenses is subsidized by up to 20%, knowing that the minimum amount is 2,500 euros and the maximum is 9000 euros per project leader.

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“We can take for example Cherbourg umbrellas or even Porte 15, which are real concept stores.”

Second, innovation. Target ? Help beneficiaries to make a decisionGetting External advice To be supported in their development strategy. “It might happen butcher where Bakera Website or share their products on social networks I can help. “In Cotentine, a lot of them still don’t even think about it,” says Benoit Arvey.

“Buying local is safe buying”

to me subsidiesthis time around 80%, with a maximum of €1,000 per project leader.

It is clear that the desire to help local merchants, artisans and producers take this turn. “For a long-term vision,” Jean Morin, head of the department, supports. It also defends neighborhood tradeQuality guarantee for him: “Buying local is safe buying.”

these lozenges Will it be visible to consumers? At Cotentin, companies and elected officials hope so.

Contact: Cotentin conurbation. Like. : 02 50 79 17 48. Email:

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