In Kampa, the exhibition “Nature Future” warns of the climate emergency

From May 9 to August 28, Kampa Park in Prague hosts a photography exhibition on the theme of the environment. 14 photographers from 12 different European countries show their work and their vision of Europe. The aim of this exhibition is to highlight the environmental commitment of young artists and to reassert a sense of European belonging. The fourteen photographers were selected by the exhibition organizers.

Photo: French Institute in Prague

“For this specific exhibition, we did not ask for submissions, we chose the artists ourselves. We already got the title of the exhibition and the main guidelines, so the environmental issues, the nature. We also had the challenge of representing Europe, thus having a variety of invited countries. Proceeding from From this line of art, we went looking for works we already knew, artists we had already worked with, but we also went to look in many different countries. This is how we got this selection, and we are very proud of it.”

Nature's Future Exhibition in Kampa Park |  Photo: Pavel Novák, ČRo

It is the young photographer Margo Senlis who will represent France during this event. In particular, since 2018, she has been implementing a project called “Propolis” on the issue of the disappearance of bees. I was able to meet many beekeepers and collect many testimonials. Like Margaux, other young Europeans present the many environmental issues facing Europe and the world at large. Their artistic work makes it possible to expose many points of view on these issues. Czech artists, Tomáš Hrůza and Andrea Průchová Hrůzová present the “We’ve Never Been Earth Before” project focused on natural disasters.

“What’s important for us is that it’s shown to the general public and confronts them with the issue of the environment. I think it’s an exhibition that can be very beautiful, and also very different, in an enclosed space. But for a topic that has to affect our society in the future, it’s very powerful that it’s in the open air. And not inside.”

Alexis Dutertre and Margo Senlis |  Photo: French Institute in Prague

Ambassador Alexis Duterter points out that this exhibition takes place in Prague in the Kampa-Park, but also in Germany, almost always in Berlin, as well as in other German cities such as Cologne or Stuttgart for shorter periods.

“We chose to do this in partnership with Prague 1 City Council and for the exhibition to continue across the French presidency and the Czech presidency. We made this choice and it can be accessed in one of the parks that Prague residents really love, Kampa. We hope that many more people will come to see this exhibition on climate and environmental issues with fourteen young European photographers and their views on the subject and this sense of European belonging. »

Nature's Future Exhibition in Kampa Park |  Photo: Pavel Novák, ČRo

This event is organized under the auspices of the Fetart collective as part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This group, made up of ten independent curators, aims to bring committed young photographers to the fore.

Nature's Future Exhibition in Kampa Park |  Photo: French Institute in Prague

In addition to the exhibition, discussions were organized on the topic of environmental emergency and the contribution of photography to these issues. The replay was posted on the Institut Français on YouTube.

Finally, the two French institutes, organizers of the project in the Czech Republic and Germany, launched on Monday May 9 a competition open to everyone on Instagram, in the course of which everyone can share a photo representing their vision of the future of nature.

Nature's Future Exhibition in Kampa Park |  Photo: French Institute in Prague

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