In Mecachrome, blowing sets the powder on fire

For several days, they set up a picket line. In Launaguet (Haute-Garonne), Mecachrome employees take turns in front of their factory to maintain pressure. Four days a week, employees organize a three-hour layover for each of the three vacations that enliven the life of the airline subcontractor, with typically 150 employees working at that location per day. According to union sources, this movement will be followed by 80 to 90% of production staff, in Toulouse, the only location of the company that launched a strike movement. Because ? Mandatory Annual Negotiations (NAO) begin at the end of April.

In its first proposal, it was managing an aviation sub-contractor that uses a total of 2,400 employees proposed a +2% public pay increase. An offer that does not live up at all to the unions’ demands. “We consulted the staff. They are calling for a +7% public salary increase, with a €200 stub (increase Minimum, editor’s note)“, claims a member of the CGT within Mecachrome, who prefers to keep his name silent. Along with Force Ouvrière (FO),”We left at the beginning of the negotiations a request for a general increase of +5%, +2% in a single increase, ie an envelope of +7% as well. But we were asking for a 100 euro heelAdds Jackie Chauvier, a union representative at Mecachrome, who works for the Amboise (Indre-et-Loire) site. Particularly because of this disagreement on the issue of how much to stub, the CGT, FO, and CFTC have not succeeded in creating the joint unions.

And this is despite the pressing economic conditions of the employees. Between the increase in energy and food prices in recent weeks, as well as a reassessment of the minimum wage, airline subcontractor employees feel stuck in a vice. “The cost of living has been on the rise again a while ago and we haven’t been given anything to meet it, so our requests are legitimate‘, estimated by an employee, who was present at the strike sit-in organized at the Crabe roundabout, in front of an Airbus site in Toulouse, Thursday 12 May. On that day, some Mecachrome attackers came to support the employees. ESN Capgemini, also mobilized to get increase in salary.

Situations that come a little closer

Specializing in the assembly of sub-assemblies and large parts, the company that set up its head office in Blagnac (Haute-Garonne) will push the broken pots for several years of reassessments Wages almost none. “Today, we struggle with our salaries because inflation exists. But wage increases were ridiculous or non-existent for yearsClement Verger, CGT union secretary for Mecachrome, a boiler maker for nine years within the company, explains.It’s been years since wages have gone up or up a bit. We have traced the history of the past seven years. We have three white years and one in small incrementsJackie Chauvier confirms, on the occasion of the upcoming 2021 National Labor Act, employees have received a public review of the +1% wage increase according to employee representatives.

call him exhibitionManagement does not wish to comment on these discussions, while the last round of negotiations with unions took place on the morning of Tuesday 17 May. However, it seems that the latter, in the game of negotiations with the unions, has lost its weight a little.

“Recognizing the complexity of the current economic and social contexts and in light of the main demands of the trade union organizations represented in the company, its main proposals focused on measures focused primarily on purchasing power and reiterated its desire to favor a qualitative social dialogue”, we can read about the draft agreement between the parties exhibition He was able to consult.

During this crucial meeting, management proposed to non-executive employees an overall increase of + 3.5% with a heel of €65. On the part of the executives, an individual increase + 3.5% with a minimum of 65 euros is planned if the seniority in the company is greater than 1 year. In addition to the possibility of paying an advance payment for the thirteenth month, the representatives of the staff received a reassessment of the value of the restaurant ticket from 8 euros to 8.80 euros.

“For 20 working days, this was an additional net of €9.60 per month for the employee (…) With this NAO we were able to offset the increase in the minimum wage for lower wages. Overall, what we got is not satisfactory but it is also not great .. . .”, the FO representative, outlining the existence of a follow-up clause in the contract, and therefore potential upcoming negotiations, comments only in the event of a SMIC reassessment being decided by the future Elizabeth Bourne government.

Elizabeth Bourne in Matignon, reasons for appointment

Macachrome in complete reorganization

However, the FO decided to present the draft agreement to employees for a vote before taking on a position, like other unions. The latter has until Friday, May 20 to sign the document, otherwise the Mecachrome administration can apply other unilateral measures, although this is not in its interest. On the contrary, CGT has already expressed its disapproval and intention not to sign the script.

“We are still not satisfied in our eyes, so we voted in a general assembly to renew the strike on Wednesday (May 18), Thursday (May 19) and Monday (May 23). It is far from our expectations.” , justifies it. Clement Verger.

Among employees, there is a bit of a misunderstanding surrounding management’s behavior while the company’s shareholders (Tikehau at 66% and BPi at 34%) have recently approved significant investments in overseas growth operations. Currently, Mecachrome with WeAre is preparing for the birth, with their merger, of a giant in the field of air subcontracting with 3,600 employees and 450 million euros in turnover.

Mecachrome and WeAre combine to create a European space parts giant