Interview with David Ladam of Happy Business

As part of the 12th edition of the Marcom Awards, David Ladame, CPA and Director of Experneo, received a Marcom Gold Award in the Display Marketing category. It separates its concept and vision.

Can you tell us more about the Happy Business offer that rewards with gold marcom?

The Happy Business Offer is distributed within Behappy. It was Experneo, which I created in 2002, that conceived the Happy Business Offering (HappyBusiness By Experneo). This offering was officially launched during the 3rd edition of Neoday, on October 19, 2018. Building on the success of Experneo, we wanted to share this unique concept with other CPAs.

When I created Experneo on July 1, 2012, I tried to answer this strategic problem: What’s my use if accounting disappears?! . This is how the concept of Happy Business was born in 2018. This is an original offer that includes 3 inseparable elements:

  • digital tools : a web platform (MEG & MEG RH from RCA) and a smartphone application (Dext) to allow the entrepreneur to manage his flows (income, expenses, banking, human resources, etc.) simply and in real time;
  • Patrol escort : periodic meetings with a chartered accountant to work in the areas of success of the company (direction, organization, production, management and sales);
  • the society : Informational meetings (face to face and remote) and events to enable the entrepreneur to develop his business.

Today this offer is aimed at small businesses, TPE less than 10, in corporate form (SARL or SAS). The price is fixed and the entrepreneur can easily select it directly from the website depending on the additional services he wants and the number of employees. There are currently 3 versions of the Happy Business Entrepreneur Show: Only, Many and Company. We are the only ones who offer it like this!

Finally, every potential customer must be eligible to get the device to claim the benefit of it. Thus website visitors can directly test their eligibility using the questionnaire. Again, we’re the only ones offering it this way!

Your concept takes the form of a brand license, not a franchise or network as we usually see it: why this choice?

First of all, the project is based on a need on the ground, which is to share Experneo’s expertise in a proven offering. The goal, then, was to share only one show (Happy Entrepreneur), with the corresponding production method, without duplicating the entire Experneo.. Then all the experts got together at first, sharing the same happy working spirit (to work hard without taking oneself too seriously and in a sense), but with a strong desire to remain independent. Finally, I wanted a simple and agile solution.

For all of these reasons and based on the advice of our attorney, we have chosen the Trademark Licensing Model and Technical Expertise. Thus, each licensed company remains completely independent. We all share the same vision of business and want to benefit from spreading this Happy Business offer. Behappy is now a true community, in which we share the same business approach and the same solutions.

In a context where the profession asks a lot about tools, you insist a lot about methods: Why is this important?

Today everyone is looking for the best IT solution… but does it exist? At Behappy, we are convinced that unlike tools, methodology associated with presentation strategy are the real keys to success.

For several years, at Experneo, we’ve made putative strategic choices, which are now paying off. As the old saying goes that kisses are many, hug tight! , we have focused on some type of client, to make it a real specialty. Also, we have greatly limited the number of programs for better use. Today, we are faced with too many companies that use only half the potential of their tools … which can give the impression that the tool does not really match the need. Also, we strive as much as possible to identify the needs and specifications of our tools, with our customers and especially for them (we just adapt and not the other way around). When you’re a hull as small as ours, you must be beyond repair in terms of productivity.

Why did you choose to offer a fixed price? Isn’t this economic model more dangerous for the company?

This presentation is the result of several years of trial. We built it with the help of concerned clients. We have chosen to offer a flat rate in order to provide complete clarity to our future customers.

But beware, this result is not a miracle or coincidence! This offer must be completely related to a particular internal organization. In fact, with the right tools, you can reduce the case processing time as much as possible, regardless of the size of the entries. The only unresolved issue so far remains with the payment statement. This is why the number of salaries remains a variable that can be adjusted up or down. The latter can also stipulate the choice of version in terms of needs.

I am sincerely convinced that within a few years, the vast majority of companies will offer the same value proposition as we, on a similar approach. : With the digital development, display marketing will become essential for all businesses!

What are the next milestones to aim for with Behappy?

Our next steps are:

  • Continue to connect the national territory by identifying other CPAs with a happy business mindset (especially in the Southeast, Central and North) to enhance our national brand image;
  • Establishment of a new National Partnership in 2022 for Young Graduates (ANECS CJEC);
  • Promote the behappy brand to target entrepreneurs through SEO strategy and strengthen internal resources (planned recruitment);
  • Launch of welcometobehappy website to promote the Behappy Employer brand to facilitate sourcing for our members.

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