Is there a “big resignation” also in real estate?

France records record growth in the number of resignations. In stone, departure was also felt, but it’s clearly more of a geographic offset than the sector professionals.

If you’ve been following the job market lately, you’ve definitely heard of the “Big Resignation”. The expression refers to a large wave of resignations in companies that began in the United States during the pandemic, and is now being felt in France – to a lesser extent at the moment -. In France, the Directorate for Revitalization of Research, Studies and Statistics (Dares) of the Ministry of Labor has already recorded 10.4% and 19.4% increases in resignations in June and July 2021 compared to 2019. In the third quarter of last year, 620,000 resignations and contract terminations were also recorded. additional.

More than just an ephemeral movement, it looks like we’re seeing a real fundamental trend. So two questions: Is the real estate job market relevant and how do I explain it?

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“Yes” Hugo Bolzinger answers the first question, founder of Le Recruteur ” On the other hand, market weather clearly has a direct impact on motivating professionals, in good and bad ways. With good reason, they are currently the first to see the volume of real estate cards that have been modified and thus see their activity boosted or disrupted depending on their location. In Paris in particular and in other large cities, where the market was so tense that there was hardly an authorization before the sale of the property, activity slowed down significantly in favor of small and medium-sized provincial towns. Bolzinger explains. “For real estate professionals who have so far benefited from a thriving business, their difficulties selling in the face of increasing and demanding buyers is troubling. They raise many questions, overturn practices acquired thus far, and generate in some people frustration and, therefore, more departures” Hugo notes.

where ? Specifically in the provinces, in sectors that have become particularly popular with buyers from Ile-de-France, in search of a better quality of life. ” Like the general trend in French homes, many stone professionals choose to leave the Paris region to join attractive sectors such as Nantes, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Biarritz and the PACA region Or Brittany, for example. It is the prospect of finding a suitable real estate business, with the added advantage of potentially improving one’s quality of life.”

…but also for new lifestyles

Improving the quality of one’s personal and family life is precisely the second important factor in this wave of resignations observed in France (and elsewhere), and all sectors combined. Indeed, since the pandemic, we have witnessed (and certainly matured in ourselves) the emergence of a new relationship at work, which has placed well-being and personal and family fulfillment as a first priority. Workers, especially younger ones, search for meaning to better align their own and professional aspirations, and thus make different career choices than those of older adults. According to a Microsoft survey of workplace trends, 52% of people under the age of 25 plan to leave their company in 2022. I have already seen very quick departures, sometimes on a whim, among some young candidates (although of course this should not be generalized) Hugo Bolzinger confirms. “ They do not hesitate to leave their employer prematurely to join another offer more in terms of wages, working conditions and stability.”

Stability is precisely one of the advantages most sought after by real estate professionals. To retain his teams and reduce the risk of early departures, Hugo Bolzinger encourages recruits to make more use of payroll status to keep sales agents committed. ” A stable situation, a competitive wage, more flexibility in working conditions, a fair and adequate distribution of sectors of activity and of course trust relationships, these are the conditions that make a difference in retention teams » Recruitment specialist concludes. Because lastly, it is also about inspiring future recruits, for example by providing installation aids to new professionals coming from other areas. Because if the end of employment contracts increases, employment also continues to advance!

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