“It’s a cure for humility in which he invested a lot of money”

The rocker with his son began to produce pink wine. Proud of his success across the Atlantic, he is now trying to conquer the European continent.

It’s rare to say when meeting a rock star, “Not to talk about his career or his music.” Because if Jon Bon Jovi is in France on Monday 9 May, he is above all a vineyard. But also as an entrepreneur. Because when the idea came to his eldest son, Jesse Bongiovi, one day while lounging in their Hamptons house producing wine, he first turned to his father and suggested he launch Hamptons Water. “I’ve always seen my dad drink pink juice,” Jesse says. Later I understood that it was pink wine. And it became the most we drank in the Hamptons. Hence my idea for Hamptons Water. “I couldn’t resist the name,” John smiles. When Jesse told me about it, it must have been two or three in the morning, but I immediately said, “Let’s do it.”

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The next day, I asked him to prepare his action plan and to offer me something serious. what he did. Then I moved to the next level. Jon Bon Jovi – who has no idea how wine is made – makes phone calls, hops on a plane to California and ends up meeting Gerard Bertrand, the man at the helm of one of France’s most important vineyards, who lets the rocker’s son speak. “I saw that they were serious and ambitious,” Girard notes. So, together, they developed Hampton Water (lost “s” Hamptons for legal reasons), designed a bottle and label, and marketed the first coffee cuvées to the US market in 2018. No name Bon Jovi appears. John says: “I didn’t want to launch ‘Bed of Roses Rosé.’ Our approach is the opposite of those who put their title on a label and don’t care about the outcome.”

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Father and son Bon Jovi often come to Languedoc to share the harvest

And so Bongiovi regularly comes to trample the land of Languedoc where the grapes grow, take part in the harvest, and meticulously follow the winemaking process. “Gerard even asked me to lick a pebble so I could understand where the minerals in the wine came from. At first he didn’t care about me. But I did it again this week and I promise I could feel the elements in the bottle.”

As rock star as he is, Bon Jovi has had to make his way through the closed world of vine growers, who often look down on him with disdain. “Yes, it is a remedy for humility, admits John, in whom he has invested a lot, a lot of money. We were last week in a restaurant on Long Island where I did everything: pictures, smiles, autographs, to finally hear myself say that rose was not a noble wine. Gérard laughs. Bertrand on the anecdote.” “On the contrary, it is a wine with enormous potential, and we see more and more on the menu of restaurants, taking up more and more space in the cellars. »

What’s next for this ad?

What’s next for this ad?

Bon Jovi turns pink with pleasure. “You know, we probably filled the stadiums, had massive glory in the ’90s, there was a moment, with the group, where we weren’t in the game anymore. Well, we stuck, and we never gave up. It’s the same approach to wine: you have to persevere and know how to make mistakes and get up constantly. Jon Bon Jovi won’t say a word of criticism on his latest tour, as social networks have ridiculed his vocal wanderings, and his early deviations from the track. He doesn’t care, he knows he has a new challenge ahead: this week, Hampton Water is on sale all over Europe, and especially in France, the country he never convinced Bon Jovi. While filling the biggest stadiums during his 2019 European tour, he simply ignored France. It’s time for revenge! health !

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