“It’s direct access to the artist”

Artist Eric Garns used to sell posters representing the cities of Côte d’Azur and France, and now also sells his work in the form of a NFT (unique digital code), in a shopping center in Alpes Maritimes.

Artist Eric Garns’ latest project is aimed at fans of NFT but also and above all aimed at those who don’t understand much about it.

to me 42 years old, maker of posters representing the cities of Côte d’Azur is updated. NFT files, these are digital files that can be purchased online, They have been talking about it, sometimes in the form of debates, since its inception in 2017.

What is the point of buying a digital file?

Eric Garence answers those asking this question by offering the NFT for sale at the Capsule Store in the Cap 3000 Shopping Center.

In this concept store, he offers a set of twelve stickers he calls “the totem.”

Eric Garns admits to considering a project related to NFTs since its inception. “My work is already digital“He explains,”I make it on a tablet“.

I come from La-Colle-sur-Loup, in the Côte d’Azur, the village of Yves Klein. This artist was nicknamed the master of the material in contrast to Arman, the master of the material. Klein painted sky blue for example. And I always wondered what he would do with the NFTs if he was still alive.

Eric Garence has been working in private collaboration with his hometown, the home of Le Nôtre, Fragonard, Nivea and even Labello, but above all, for the past three years, with the Capsul store on Cap 3000.

It is a concept store that gives young digital companies from Cote d’Azur the opportunity to have a physical place to sell.Artist details.

As for choosing which NFTs to go on sale, “Putting myself in Madame Everybody’s shoes, I wonder what an NFT would look like if it was physical. So it is technological and original but above all original: requires the signature of the artist“. In the capsule concept store, the idea is to come in, pick your NFT, and leave with it.

To keep the concept simple, Eric Garns decided not to use any technical words. “On the wall there is a small tutorialSays the artist explains that NFT is A unique digital file and the object associated with this file is a totem.

Nine totems are revealed in turn on a group of Twelve stickers in all Represent the cities of Paris, Nice, Saint-Tropez or even La Collie sur Lube. Price is unique: 149. Includes NFT and physical totem that can be hung on the wall.

The person chooses their totem like Nice port for example or the blue chair, comes home, creates an online NFT wallet and sends me username and proof of purchase so I can send it to them.

to me For comparison, a classic physical poster costs 24 or 35 euros depending on the format. Therefore, NFTs are more expensive, but they are unique.

In total, Eric Garns presents 10 NFTs By Totem (all numbered) or ten times the same label only. So it has become rare and no further edition is planned.

This is direct access to the artistEric Garns analyzes. To resume:Once the NFT is at home, on your immaterial wallet, you do whatever you want with it. You can sell it at whatever price you want. It’s like work!

Here is an example of a totem offered for sale at Cap 3000:

Faced with questionable clients, the person who attended business school before embarking on the art in 2015 explains:An NFT is a unique digital file that certifies the work’s authenticity and provenance. Signed by me, there is traceability“.”I take the opposite view so people understand what NFT is and can get away with it.“He is developing.

This project has already convinced the artist community. Followed by more than 10,000 internet users on Instagram, Eric Garence All totems have already been sold at least once Since the concept was launched on May 12th. “I’ve sold three blue chairs for example, and La-colle-sur-Loup has bought us the whole collection that represents this city.‘all evening,’We sold five in two hours to professionals and people following me“.

The purchase of NFT in a physical store is the first of its kind in France.

Eric Garns is already considering offering the experience to other artists. Street artist Cesar Malfi is under discussion to sell his private collection of NFTs in a capsule.

to me Note: Cap 3000 has just been voted the best mall in the world.

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