Ivory Coast: Closing of the silver jubilee of Saint Paul VI Grand School in Abidjan

Saint Paul VI of Abidjan Seminary Great Diocese concluded on Saturday, May 28, the festivities on the occasion of the celebration of its silver jubilee with the Mass of Thanksgiving in the parish of Saint Albert Le Grand of Cocody, presided over by Cardinal Jean-Pierre Coutua.

Marcel Ariston Bly (Abidjan) and Christian Combi, SJ – Vatican

Saint Paul VI Main School concluded the festivities of its twenty-five years of existence on Saturday 28 May with a Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Archbishop of Abidjan, Cardinal Jean-Pierre Coutua. We are called, so to speak, to the altar of gratitude to salute the work of God and of the men whom he himself has chosen to ripen that work which is the School of Saint Paul VI University.‘ He confided to the familiar at the beginning of his sermon.

Honoring the pioneers

For Cardinal Cotwa, celebrating God’s miracles in the life of this Priestly Formation House also means remembering its patrons. The bishop called to honor them for the sacrifices they made yesterday that allowed for today’s accomplishments, citing in particular his predecessor, Cardinal Bernard Agre, founder of the estate. It was a risky and even daring bet at the time, but a bet on God that never disappoints, assures the Archbishop of Abidjan. “The St. Paul VI Seminary as it is today affirms without doubt that God still continues to write straight with curving lines. This institution that we celebrate today with pomp and reason, was born thanks to a set of circumstances that we can consider today as favorable“.

Work in the heart of the world

Cardinal Coutua said that the School of Saint Paul VI University has maintained its authenticity over the years, remaining completely faithful to the spirit of openness of the Second Vatican Council, which invites us to work at the heart of the world. “By deciding to establish a major seminary in the heart of the city, and by giving future priests the possibility to experience the world of the university in its shadows and lights, the Church intended to signal that no future priest is “sterile”. or “immunity”“, It is to explain.

The cardinal also called on seminarians to abide by the requirements of the state of life to which they aspire. He added that this state of life would be theirsA tangible way to make Jesus visible and always in the middle of the world“. As for the former seminarians, Cardinal Jean-Pierre urged them to work humbly with other priests in order to radiate the love of Christ, because “This parenting house, which today celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary, offers a real alternative to upbringing by paying close attention to the world.”

The Path of Priests in the Image of Christ

The customs of Abidjan also shifted to the preparers involved in the mission of the Higher Institute of the University. “For these young people, in their daily lives, the door to priestly service is open. They will partially be the image of the priest that you send to them. Take time with them! Talk to them! Not satisfied with the “duties of the state”urge them. In his letter to the formation of priests in the image of Christ, he assured them of the help of the bishops and the whole Church.

Opened on May 29, 2021 on the feast of Saint Paul VI, patron of the institution, the silver jubilee of the Diocesan University School of Abidjan was celebrated on the theme: “25 years of training between two thousand years. The Seminary of Saint Paul VI University faced new challenges in priestly formation at the threshold of 3The tenth Millennium“.

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