Jamal Debbouze made money thanks to the image of his father, who died of a long illness

Besides his successful career, Jamal Debbouze’s life has not always been rosy. After being accused of killing a friend, the comedian lost his father at the age of 45. Zoom on the life of an actor.

For Jamel Debbouze, the family is sacred. Therefore, it is quite natural for the actor to be upset about the loss of his parents in 2021. During his life, Ahmed Dabouz did everything in his power to meet the needs of his wife and children.

A child is not easy at all – his father’s sacrifice

On June 18, 2022, Jamal Debbouze celebrates his birthday. The 46-year-old comedian is one of the most beloved public figures in France. In addition to sharing his sense of humor with his fans on stage, Melissa Thioureau’s sweetheart is also very active in the world of French Seventh Art.

Among the fairy tales in which he appeared, we can count “Asterix and Obelix”, “Aladdin” and still the “H” series, in which he played Eric Godor and Ramsey Pedia. Thanks to his successful career, the comedian managed to make a very good living.

He even bought a riad located in Marrakesh for his clan. A property that he was able to acquire with a payment of 800,000 euros.

However, if today the beauty is a well-known artist in France, then he did not have an easy childhood at all. His father, Ahmed, was already forced to sacrifice everything in order to give a better life to his sons, who are Jamal and his brothers and sisters.

Evidence of love that the actor already mentioned during one of his interviews. He was captivated at that time that his late father had given up everything for his clan, starting with his country of origin.

As soon as he arrived on French territory, the late preferred to change his name to that of his wife, Fatima Dabouz, for “administrative reasons”. So he called himself Ahmed Dabouz instead of Touzani.

Besides his homeland, Jamal’s father also sacrificed his friends and other family members for Jamal, his mother, brothers and sisters.

“He did what he could. (…) He made a sacrifice that I would not have made for me,”

to me


Actor “H” during an interview with Sept à Huit in 2018.

During this interview, Jamal Dabouz also revealed that his father was born in a stable “like Jesus, surrounded by hay and goats.” Thus, the actor can only be proud of his father’s path during his life.

The drama that made him lose one of his weapons

Behind his sense of humor and his charming smile, Jamal Debbouze hides a heavy drama that made him lose an arm.

The facts go back to the ’90s, and according to him, the actor came out late that day and wanted to “hang out”. Seeing the “bus lane”, he crossed the rail “in the middle of the night” without looking around.

Words that have not been agreed upon since that same day, Jamal Debbouze lost one of his friends, in addition to losing the use of his right arm. And the parents of this late companion of the comedian do not believe everything in the actor’s version.

For them, Jamal Debbouze would have voluntarily killed their son over the story of a stolen jacket, and pushed him under the train.

For this reason, the father and mother of the late friend of the comedian filed a complaint against him at the time. Complaint ended with dismissal. As a result, Jamal Dabouz has not been tried or even sentenced in this case.

If the actor never invokes this tragedy in public, he still emits some confidence about losing the use of his arm.

The latter was already afraid of not “conforming to the rules of society” and feared being excluded after this incident. Fortunately, according to him, he had “the mouth and the eyes and all that’s left” to prove as interesting as anyone else.

his life as a father

In real life, Jamal Debbouze is a proud father of two children named Leon and Leila. Young children born after his relationship with journalist Melissa Theurau. Remember, the two love birds said “yes” to life in 2008. And even now, the couple still spins the perfect love.

A happy father of two, the actor trusts his young children every time he gets the chance. During his interview with Paris Match, in 2018, for example, the comedian laid out the so-called future career of Léon and his sister.

An artist like their father? Away from this ! In fact, according to Jamel Debbouze, his son would like to become a “pirate” and his daughter would like to be a “mistress”. Occupations completely different from those of their parents.

“They love to sing and tell each other, so you never know!” ,

still clarifies.

Will they enter the world of commercial shows later? Time will tell. In any case, their father is very confident in their future, according to his words in “Games love you” in 2021.

“They will do a hundred times better than us. Each generation swept away the previous one.”

He said.

His father’s death

For Jamel Debbouze, family comes first. A character that the actor apparently inherited from his father, Ahmed. As a reminder, the latter breathed his last on March 14, 2021, at the age of 71.

The comedian’s father passed away after contracting “lightning disease”. The late died in a clinic located in Marrakesh.

His disappearance certainly disturbed Djamel Debbouze, who used to mention his father in his sketches and make fun of him. He spoke, for example, of the strict education of his parents on stage or the trips to Morocco that he spent with his clan at the time.

However, despite these mockery, the actor loved his father very much and is grateful for what he did for his family during his life. Grieving over this loss, Jamal wanted to pay tribute to his father the day after his death, thanking him.

For her part, her sister, Nawal Dabouz, responded on her Instagram account with the death of Ahmed. The young woman in her publications encouraged subscribers to her channel to take advantage of their parents as long as they are alive.

For information, Ahmed’s funeral took place 24 hours after his death. The late leaves his wife Fatima and his children: Jamal, Noel, Muhammad, Hayat, Rashid and Karim.

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