Karen Galley’s football life

Portrait – the 37-year-old journalist, football enthusiast since childhood, will spend a busy summer with the Women’s Football European Cup on M6 and L’Equipe channels.

Within a few years, Karen Galle became one of the primary faces of football on television. The 37-year-old journalist has built her career step by step, running assignments on the sidelines of M6 and W9, following the French men’s and women’s soccer teams, and on L’Équipe.

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Didier Deschamps’ room

On Monday evening, it will be in Croatia to follow the French Nations League football match, which was broadcast on the sixth day. You will find Didier Deschamps there, whom I have known for a very long time since she took her first steps on television in 2010 on OM TV, when the coach was coaching Olympique de Marseille. “We’ve known each other for eleven years now.as you say. There has always been charity and accommodation because it is a big hostel. Before that, we talked to each other before the match or slipped small words before or after interviews. Now with Covid, we have to keep our distance until you are a little bit further away. When I came to the edge of a field of blues, he carried me away, there were gentle winks as he reminded me. I grew up with OM and with the France team in 1998 and 2000, so Didier Deschamps represented football in my childhood.

Football is a family affair

Because his love for football is not new. For someone born in Jasin, near Saint-Tropez, football is a family affair. “My two older cousins, from Marseille, were crazy about football and OM fans. I was very close to them and embraced their passion. When I was younger, I wanted to be a little mouse in the world of football and decipher it”she completes.

“Meeting people, learning from others and informing them, that’s all I like”

Karen Galley

One day, his mother abandons him with the idea of ​​becoming a journalist. “When I was in current affairs and was crazy about football, I thought this job might be right for me and she was right! Days are never the same, it fits perfectly with my personality. All I love is meeting people and learning from others and informing them.”

Release his fate. She graduated from the College of Communication, Journalism and Graphic Design, and began working in written journalism for community service in figaro. But her passion for football quickly led her to sports writing. She first collaborated with the RMC website before discovering the antenna in 2012. Her earnest tone quickly set her apart from the crowd. “Because I have an atypical voice, I have often been told that I should do a radio, she explained. What I liked was the freedom of tone that wasn’t there on TV. Focused on the sound and we admit it, it was an advantage… I have enjoyed decoding football matches for four years. It has since left the station but still runs the RFI antenna regularly.

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Li Bleu’s Special Envoy to L’Equipe

Finally on the small screen she wrote the most beautiful pages of her career. After collaborating with various media outlets such as Eurosport or BFMTV, W9 recruited her to take charge of “100% Foot” (the show has since been withdrawn in favor of Marie Portolano) and to present the Europa League evenings. Then she naturally deviates to the M6 ​​for field interviews during the French men’s and women’s team matches. At the same time, she contributes regularly to the L’Équipe channel. This year, she is a columnist for “L’Équipe de Greg” and takes charge of the show when Grégory Ascher is absent.

Her start to the summer promises to be busy as she will be present with M6 during Les Bleues’ next matches against Cameroon and Vietnam (25 June and 1 July respectively). Before becoming L’Équipe’s special envoy during the Women’s Euro Championships from July 6 in England. “I will be closer to the Blues. On match days, I will step in, on both sides of the pitch, to analyze what has worked or not.”notes. The advantage of being there is that you have a different perspective because we see other things on Earth than what’s on TV. I will stay as long as the French women are in competition. When they lose, I go home.”

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Regular viewer of “Echappées belles”

If football remains her first passion, then companion Giovanni Castaldi (half-brother of Benjamin Castaldi and journalist in sports like her) has already tried other types of programs such as Grand Prix riding on M6 or animation for the second. Part of the “Lego Masters” evening. And she still has other desires: In France, we tend to be put in boxes. I am curious about everything and love to discover new universesas you say. I love being able to work on animals or travel, which are two other things of my passion. I never miss an episode of “Échappées belles” on France 5 that makes me happy. I’m a travel fanatic, so if I could combine that with journalism, I’d be the happiest person in the world.”. With good relations…

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