LA POSTE – E-commerce: Scalefast platform acquired by ESW – 2022-05-16 18:10

E-commerce: ESW acquires Scalefast . platform

The agreement aims to further expand ESW capabilities and accelerate the time to market for brands and brands internationally

Dublin/New York, May 9, 2022 – ESW, the global leader in direct-to-consumer e-commerce (DTC), today announced the acquisition of Scalefast, a global e-commerce solutions provider headquartered in Los Angeles. Subject to the usual approvals, the transaction is expected to close by mid-2022.

The company also announced that Scalefast founders, CEO Nicholas Stehle, CTO Frédéric Bocquet, and CMO Olivier Schott will join the ESW management team.

Thanks to this acquisitionESW’s strike force will grow in the fashion, beauty, care and luxury sectors, expanding to include entertainment, gaming and electronics. Scalefast’s expertise in data analytics and fast time to market will also facilitate the creation of delivery-ready local stores or digital popups, and highly targeted DTC tag campaigns to complement cross-border DTC solutions. ESW, is unparalleled in terms of customer experience throughout the buying journey.

Providing complementary solutions across both technology platforms is expected to drive accelerated revenue growth and product innovation across the group’s integrated customer base. Cultural alignment between ESW and Scalefast and their combined talent pool More than 1000 team members The company positioned strongly in talent development while taking advantage of the best aspects of both cultures. The company’s growth post-acquisition will be driven by the transformation of customers’ online shopping experiences and the new ability for leading global brands to connect with More than 200 markets around the world.

“ESW’s acquisition of Scalefast demonstrates our commitment and ambition to accelerate the growth of our customers by enabling them to be at the forefront of consumer needs around the world,” announce Tommy Kelly, Founder and CEO of ESW. “Scalefast’s technology offering, so complementary to what we offer, will allow us to develop new capabilities and grow our existing and new customers faster through direct-to-consumer e-commerce.”

“Scalefast services are highly synergistic with ESW services from a revenue generation perspective”, specific Nicholas Stehl, CEO of Scalefast. “We are excited about this opportunity to not only expand our reach, but also create more value for our mutual customer base. Together, our knowledge, experience and technology will be an unprecedented force in the rapidly changing world of e-commerce.”

As global e-commerce continues to accelerate, brands are looking for more specialized services and a place to differentiate themselves and stay competitive. Scalefast builds online stores faster than any of its competitors, leveraging its in-house developed and feature-rich platform, applying proprietary data and behavioral analytics to the pre-defined e-commerce features and capabilities DTCs need for brands to succeed.

ESW, for its part, will provide Scalefast customers with its checkout, checkout and logistics services, including options with or without a hub, omnichannel solutions such as in-store shipping, and an entire partner ecosystem. Global logistics companies that move hundreds of millions of packages each year on behalf of their customers.

About ESW

ESW is the global leader in DTC (direct-to-consumer) e-commerce, enabling the world’s most popular brands and retailers to make global shopping safer, easier and faster, from start to finish. Whether it’s compliance, data security, fraud protection, taxes, checkout pricing, delivery, returns management, customer service and order generation, ESW’s powerful blend of technology and human ingenuity spans the entire customer journey across 200 markets, with 100% carbon neutral shipments. ESW is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Ireland, UK, France, Italy, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. ESW is a subsidiary of the Asendia Group, a joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post.

About Scalefast

Scalefast is a private equity firm backed by more than 350 employees, that specializes in providing global SaaS e-commerce solutions to brands. Founded in five countries, the United States, Spain, France, Switzerland and Japan, Scalefast serves consumers in more than 200 countries and territories.

Scalefast acts as a merchant and seller of record for its customers and provides its own Enterprise Commerce Cloud and CX (Customer Experience) analytics solution, as well as teams of experts to help brands build, run, manage and improve their e-commerce. Companies seek high-growth partnerships with Scalefast to accelerate global distribution, market penetration, user experience, and profitability.

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