La Redoute, the queen of fashion and home shopping, it’s her

Long a leader in mail order sales, La Redoute has established itself as a major player in e-commerce. It can be accessed everywhere and all the time!

La Redoute app points out your favorite brands, makes suggestions based on your taste and keeps you on the lookout for good deals. There is no doubt that your best ally for shopping is HE!

Created in keeping with the catalog that has made the brand popular nearly a century ago, La Redoute has maintained all its juice. But it’s also managed to decorate itself with all the technological trappings of mobile and tablet shopping. This is to the great joy of its customers. As a result, it is now the go-to app for staying connected to fashion and décor 24/7. You can choose the moment of your sitting from your sofa, on the balcony of a café, during the train journey … in other words, anytime and anywhere.

In a few seconds, you’ll find articles matching your search by keywords or, even faster, by voice recognition. You fill your basket at your own pace, without limits, according to your centers of interest (fashion, home, sports, beauty, entertainment, etc.).

Products for the home and fashion … A full range of products is available at La Redoute

Your purchases are validated with complete peace of mind, whether you’re using an iOS or Android device. The former also takes advantage of the extremely simple and 100% secure payment system from Apple Pay.

Inspirational as a personal shopper

Far from just selling items, La Redoute does its best to customize the offers and selections it proposes to you. To better guide you, it is inspired by your preferences and previous purchases and adapts to your desires.
In addition, it provides you with a regular stream of news. Tips from influencers, tips, and tutorials are all sources of inspiration that allow you to update your dressing room, dress up the whole family, furnish your new apartment or add an element to your décor.

Alarming ease of use

Everything has been thought of to make your shopping easy and enjoyable, including returning items. You no longer need to print a return voucher. All you have to do is create a QR code from your personal account to start the procedure. This is completely free, even for bulky items. From the same space allotted to you, you confirm your purchases and proceed with the delivery of your packages in the blink of an eye. It is also possible to put items aside or renew an order with just one click. It couldn’t be easier and faster.

Thousands of references to stay stylish

La Redoute, the flagship of French style, presents an absolutely irresistible fashion show, including your favorite ready-to-wear brands: Nike, Adidas Original, Lacoste, Undiz, Verbaudet, Petit Bateau, Maje, Levis, Pepe Jeans, La Redoute Rouge Gorge, Jonak, Mango, Anne Weyburn, Monoprix, Etam, Converse, Kenzo… In search of the latest trends, the brand also brings out nuggets by collaborating with designers.

Photo of clothes from La Redoute worn by a woman

Designer clothes are available at La Redoute

In order not to miss (especially) any of these capsules and personalization suggestions, remember to activate notifications. You can refer to them, when it suits you, from your personal account.

home tips

This also applies to home trends. Branding, Baby Care, Bedding and Bed Linen, Lighting, Mirrors (Redoute Interiors, Babymoov, AM.PM, Magma, Bleu Calin, Cristal d’Arcques, etc.) rub shoulders with the best references in home appliances (Dyson, Miele, Coqueo) , Nespresso, Terylon …).

Surprises all year round

Thanks to this abundant offer, you live a completely unique experience, perfectly adapted to your tastes. With a bonus, a regular set of surprises. You can take advantage of exclusive promotions via Appli Hours or popular contests, discounts throughout the year…in short, something to enjoy while saving money. Admit that you will be wrong if you deprive yourself of it. To take advantage of all these benefits, download the app now from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Simple and fast!

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