La Ronde des Quartiers has changed its name and wants to create a digitization house

David Ducornu, vice president responsible for downtown, George Simon, president, and Anna Bedlabord, vice president responsible for neighborhoods. Credits: MB

The La Ronde des Quartiers trade association changed its identity and is now called Bordeaux mon trade. A new symbolic start to “help the trade of tomorrow”. Apart from supporting professionals and traditional events for the general public, the House of Digitization should see the light of day in 2022. A unique project in France, it will be an experiment.

The appointment was set in the emblematic Bordeaux gallery adjacent to Rue Sainte-Catherine. La Ronde des Quartiers, the organizer of the Christmas market in the alleys of Tourny or the fires of Épicuriales, announced on Wednesday, 1 June its end … but above all its renewal. The Bordeaux Merchants Association has unveiled its new name: Bordeaux Moon Trade. A structure with more than 1,000 members, including more than two-thirds of independent companies, three shopping centers and one-third of brands. At the head of this new entity are three merchants. George Simon, co-founder of the Jane de Puy brand, takes over as Chairman; David Ducornu, Director of Sports Aventure, became Vice President in charge of Downtown; and Anna Bedlabord, of Échoppe de la Lune, Vice President in charge of Biology. “We want to represent the whole of Bordeaux, Anna Bedlabord says: Our Board of Directors is made up of 30 members, who represent the entire commercial economy of the city. And so half of them are from the neighborhoods, and the other from the city center. »

With this change of identity, ambitions are clearly displayed. My job in Bordeaux wants union, promotion and mobilization. “We realize that we have to go back to meet the merchants, George Simon explains, Because the Covid-19 crisis has sometimes isolated each other. » Subsequent work, newsletters, and meetings with municipal teams on safety or hygiene: Several times for discussion throughout the year will be presented to members. On the public side, major events such as winter and summer sales or the Christmas market will continue “The desire to reinvent the epicurial in the future”.

Facilitating the transition to digital

But the main project of cash trading in Bordeaux is the creation of the Maison de la Numérisation, which is supposed to open in 2022. A place available to joint traders, working thanks to mentoring and peer-to-peer experience-sharing, which would offer many services: individual support, professional photographic equipment , but also joint logistics and warehouses. “The idea is to cover upstream, i.e. marketing, catalog creation or social networks, but also downstream, i.e. parcel shipment, from collection to dispatch», imagines David Ducornu. This project, unique in France, is supported by CAMF (Merchants and Craftsmen in French Capitals), a federation of merchant associations from 20 major cities of which the Director of Sports Aventure is also its Vice President. “This project will be a national experience in Bordeaux, or even in two other cities”, Bordeaux defines my trade. A preliminary study has just been carried out, financed by 50% of the Land Bank, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and Bordeaux Metropole. “It aims to ascertain the interest of the project, to define the features of the economic model, appropriate legal structures, and finally to measure its repeatability”defines the conjunction.

Application for more clarity

Finally, the Mon Bordeaux commerce app was launched to increase the visibility of merchants, create an interactive community with users, and contribute to the attractiveness of commerce. “We did some sort of proof of concept during the Christmas market in December 2021, to start recruiting users, David Ducornu explains. It worked out so well, 4,500 people signed up. » “The idea is to be able to inform clients of processes, events and a certain number of things without any particular technical knowledge, Complete George Simon. In short, we want to provide digitization for merchants in the easiest way possible. »

On June 15, Bordeaux mon Commerce organizes a day of digital workshops, free and open to all. They will relate to different areas of activity such as creating a client profile, developing website traffic or managing online payments.

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