Lacoste launched one of the first widgets in France

In order to open the Lacoste Arena in Paris, the crocodile brand created one of the first French micro-applications, with the aim of giving its customers – via mobile – a unique in-store experience for product information and ease of installation. without going through the app download box.

May 20, 2022. Lacoste opens its largest ship in Europe: Lacoste Arena on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. An area of ​​1,600 square meters and two floors giving center stage to 9,500 pieces for men, women and children and it was designed as a courtyard where retail areas and entertainment corners coexist. Art using Croco Wall to portray yourself in front of a new work, creativity in the guest room where collections will be exhibited in collaboration with young artists, environmental responsibility with the corner of “lasting elegance”, but above all innovation with many immersive and interactive experiences. Among them: Scan & Pick-Up.

Within the “Scan & Pick Up” areaCustomers can scan a sneaker-style QR code with their smartphone – or simply hold it close to detecting the shoe’s NFC tag – to access more information about the item and choose several sizes and/or colors to try. The information is then sent to the staff who will prepare the products while the customer tracks the progress of his order in real time from his mobile phone or via a screen installed in the receiving area. This service, designed to simplify the customer’s information and installation stages, has been designed and developed by the first mobile agency USERADGENTS and made available via a “small application”.

This unique and innovative in-store experience aims to increase independence. First for the customer, so that they complete part of their shopping journey via their mobile phone, which they already use to scan QR codes or obtain product information. But also for employees who gain efficiency from a logistical point of view. »
Clément Mabet, Global Multichannel Solutions Manager, Lacoste.

But exactly, what is a widget?

The widget, called App Clip at Apple and Instant App in Android, is an excerpt from the mobile application that gives access to a major feature without requiring the user to download it. It aims to make use more flexible, particularly in contexts of episodic interaction – minute moments – with the physical world. It is also a new way to facilitate application discovery because it makes it possible to arouse the desire to install and use an application based on the user’s needs, by giving a taste of the services available, thus proving their added value. A kind of “try before downloading” is useful for people who sometimes have limited storage space on their smartphone.

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In concrete terms, this widget allows Lacoste to provide customers with an exclusive, instant and contactless mobile experience, making their journey within the store even more seamless. All this without soliciting sellers who sometimes get overloaded during very frequent peak periods of traffic in locations like the Champs Elysees.

It also promotes a stronger bond with the user thanks to the ability to send him instant notifications within eight hours of using the Scan & Pick-Up service, but also to encourage him to download the full application or onboarder of the “Le Club Lacoste” loyalty programme.

“These widgets serve several real-world challenges: acquisition, customer knowledge, retention leverage… all while creating true bridges between the physical and virtual worlds. Scan & Pickup is more than just a digital in-store solution, it is a value-generation service for the user and the retailer. . »
– Hugo Subil, Consulting Director, Useradgents

technical sideThe widget requires preliminary R&D work because – even if it has been around since 2020 at Apple and a little more on Android – it remains very rare among brands. Lacoste Clip is only 5e To appear in France yet. A bigger technical challenge in that it also raises issues of lightness in terms of storage (no more than 10MB on iOS and 15MB on Android) and speed for the user to complete scanning, selecting, and receiving procedures.

The development of the widget involved choosing native technologies (Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android) because it should be able to easily communicate and exchange data withParent App (where hand applicationdeveloped in parallel by USERADGENTS).

In the specific case of Scan & Pick-Up, major ‘back office’ issues also had to be taken into account, in order to make the sales team independent in the long run in terms of handling the service. So a dedicated app has also been made available for sellers in the Lacoste Arena to create and print product QR code sheets and encode NFC tags.

“Between the instant app, the app clip, and the app for QR code generation and NFC, the watchwords were speed and lightness! Strong limitations prompted us to think differently about our design to focus on the essentials. Using SwiftUI on iOS was a real advantage, especially to replicate the custom QR code encoder design. quickly. “
– Cyril Legrand, Head of Mobile, Useradgents

If it is still too early to evaluate using Scan & Pick-Up at Lacoste ArenaIts expansion to other stores in France, Europe and around the world is still easily possible due to its simplicity of use (for the user and the seller) and its spread. One could also easily imagine its integration with other products, such as the legendary crocodile polo shirts or other apparel, and consider completing the experience by depositing the products directly into the pre-booked fitting room. As you understand, the opportunities for App Clip or Instant App are great and keep to the test in other contextual moments: for example to take advantage of a promotion, customize a product or plan a session. Advice.

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