Laura Marie disrupts the bodywork business at the insurance companies’ expense

The story begins at the family object store on the outskirts of Caen. In 2013, Mr. Mary Senior called his two daughters for help – Laura, the youngest, a real estate agent, and Lucy, the oldest nurse. The case is floundering. It risks losing the approval of the insurance company that outsources claims management, threatening 40% of its business. To preserve valuable sesame, more stringent tariff conditions are imposed on the garage. What ballast the balance sheet already has a deficit. For the sisters who were barely over twenty at that time, it was cold.

” to me At this point, we only had two options, either to seek approvals from other insurance companies, or to reinvent ourselves To give value to our work says Laura.

A stone in the garden of believers

From this adventure, the idea of ​​dispensing with the approvals of the insurance companies that the two young women are accused of possessing was born.” job kill They believe it is possible to restore margins reduced by companies over time in exchange for the promise of a large volume of business to certified bodybuilders.

The rates charged by the insurance companies are around 40 euros per hour, The fair wage is around €70 per hour ‘, the elder protested.

So the family garage cuts bridges to become independent again.

Fortunately, at the same time, Hamon’s Act of 2014 confirms the unwritten rule that policyholders are free to use reformers of their choice. However, our entrepreneurs face a huge dilemma: how, without consent, to persuade motorists to entrust their damaged car?

And thanks to the calculations, they found the show. The garage will sacrifice about 10% of its newly discovered margins for ” Give gifts to its clients. You will return all or part of the deductible to them or, failing that, give them a fuel card of up to €250. well seen.

Starting with wheel caps

The model has been tested On site Get instant success. A year later, the family business, which was renamed Zecarossery to make it more visible, is back in the saddle after a strong digital communications effort. “We won on all fronts: more clients, more fame, more money, more profits and more fun doing our job,” Laura notes. In 2016, the Mary Sisters took a new step by offering their concept under the brand’s license, at the behest of other wagon builders who were seduced by their recipe. The network was born.

Six years later, 85 garages have joined the brand. Which assumes marketing and publishing of programs for an entry fee of 3000-6000 euros plus a monthly fee. In addition to paying the deductible, the network promises an impeccable quality of service. For a former real estate agent, her success depends on him. ” Being independent of member insurance companies compels them to build their clientele and reputation. So they have no choice but to do a great job ‘, she explained. Meanwhile, ‘bodybuilders’ are negotiating a new turn.

Service offer is expanding

A few months ago, a second glass repair brand (Zepare-brise, with 35 members) joined the first, using the same recipes. With the ambition to win back customers lost by independent mechanics to Carglass Specialists and others. On the courtyard side, Grid’s parent company had just laid the first stone of a future training center on the outskirts of Caen. invite him? Training vehicle manufacturers to repair new generations of sensor-covered vehicles.

The scheduled opening next year will be in due course. Recently, a large insurance company Blacklisted Zecarossery members are in one of the training institutions to which he contributes. Not enough to make Laura Marie slow down.

Some try to stand in our way in many ways, but that won’t stop us ‘, she warns. We tend to take her words seriously.