Leclerc hypermarket: Rocadist ‘flagship’ opens in Carcassonne

The locomotives trade opened for the new commercial district at the eastern entrance to Carcassonne on Wednesday, June 8th in the presence of Michel-Edouard Leclerc. All project actors recalled the obstacles that had been overcome, but also the economic legitimacy of this achievement.

“Thank you for making the trip, like your dad did 45 years ago.” For Laurent Boissonade, the opening of the new Leclerc hypermarket on Wednesday, June 8 in the Rocadest business district (which opened its doors a week ago) certainly means the beginning of a new adventure, but it also symbolizes a way to close the loop. .

Just like his parents in 1977 with his first Lelcerc supermarket in Carcassonne “Who really made a fuss”E.Leclerc Oxydis President is in turn launching a new ultra-modern store in the presence of Michel-Edouard Leclerc, this time symbolic chair of the E.Leclerc Strategy Committee. The man, a friend of the media, is not afraid to speak in defense of his convictions as to purchasing power: as such, he was there not only to salute the work done but also to address Three promises for consumers and employees.

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“Building a shop like this costs a lot of money, 26 million euros in this case, but we won’t raise prices for that.”called in the first place. “Leclerc will not be called if I deny myself on this point: the next wave of inflation deserves to be mustered. We have morals, morals.”. Which leads him logically to think about proximity. “We are the sons of our regions and lands, He insists. We want to be a driving force behind public transportation policy, and ambassadors for our region’s products.”. Laurent Boissonade conjures up a fish shop that gives fishermen a place of pride From Port-La Nouvelle, Agde, Sète and Grau du Roi.

Difficulties and objections

But Michel-Edouard Leclerc is also considering the 200 employees of the new hypermarket, and they are committed to respecting “Leclerc Base” related to interest. “Of course, you first have to run such a store. But as soon as it starts making profits, 25% of the pre-tax profits will be redistributed.”. Commitments as if to better remind that there are many men and a real philosophy behind an achievement whose measure can cast doubt on the human dimension, as many organizations continue to denounce.

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Giving a job to 450 people who were denied it… In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful that can be defended.

Difficulties or opposition were not avoided at the microphone, either by Laurent Boissonade himself (who “Supposedly” Having once stood against the Rocadist), Lucien Ferrandis (the “father” of this business district with his company Souvellet) or even Gérard Larat, who praised the self-sacrifice and vision of all these economic players.

“The difficulty in undertaking undertaking is being at the forefront and having new ideas because it provokes criticism.”the mayor of Carcassonne believes. “But with the Rocadest, you just had no idea in advance, you surprised the economic environment as we knew it in our city; the habits that the doors to progress remain shut.”. According to Gerard Larat, Project Rocadest has set this “The idea of ​​rebalancing East and West Carcassonne”Which prompted him to support the project on behalf of “general interest”.

Takaful will be established for the common good

“As a general manager, we have to compare capital gains and capital losses. As far as Rocadest is concerned, the obvious capital gains are €90 million from the work that has allowed 65 companies to work in our territory, but also above all 450 jobs that will be Created, to which 1,000 future jobs will be added in the Birajne region. For me, this is important. Providing employment opportunities for 450 people who have been denied them… In my opinion, there is no longer the most beautiful thing that can be defended “. The mayor does not forget “losses”this is “The competition between the globalized commercial economic sector and the city centers sector”. But the chosen one is betting on the long term: “Time always fixes things; the puzzle will fall into place, coexistence will settle in the common good”. Some hope that the coming years will prove him right.

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