Legislative 2022: Money remains the backbone of war even for candidates who do not have a party

If this election determines the public funding of political parties for the coming period, some candidates go alone at their expense.

What are they going to do in this mess? Those candidates who leave without partisan hope but rarely are, are those who get elected on this highly political ballot. This usually gives a comfortable majority for the formerly re-elected president.

But because they didn’t have a nomination, because they feel their notoriety might suffice, because they want to convey an idea or that their privacy, their uniqueness can make a difference…They are left to assault the National Assembly. at their expense. “It’s because I was told it was useless which motivated me”Thunder Everr Zauch.

Al-Nim, who is known for his activities in operating cinemas and restaurants, lamented that during the pandemic that particularly affected his business. “like never before [sa] deputy. She told me she had a lot to do in Paris on her defense committee.”. He promises to be a deputy on Earth. With it, without any illusions. “I’m not crazy. But I want to make my voice heard. I’ve had offers to join a party but they don’t fit my ideas.”.

The entrepreneur has already spent 17,000 euros and plans to spend 25,000 euros for the entire campaign: “A competitor told me I was stupid, and that I had better go on vacation with my wife. I’ll keep getting involved”. In order to be compensated, he would have to cross the 5% mark at least, which would already be a huge success.

With the help of his family

The youngest candidate from Occitanie, and the second youngest in France, Flavio Dalmau, aged 18 since last January, had been hoping to seduce the presidential party. But he did not receive the LREM nomination. Unfortunately, he left a controversy over the second district of the Herault group that is distinguished by the originality of the second count, that of Mahfouz Benali. Flavio Dalmau campaign “We do it with the means at hand. In the economy, I was able to raise 900 euros, with the help of my family and a small party up to 1,000 euros”. Global budget 1900 euros for that to print “A few posters and ballot papers and some religious professions. Not all of them. With economics but also with environmental virtue”, confirms the young candidate. Which regrets that Emmanuel Macron’s party has returned to a very traditional business model: “Reviving politics, putting an end to nepotism, that was 2017. That is no longer the case today. My goal remains to move forward”.

Entering the political scene

Flavio Dalmau joined a federation of small political parties that would collectively be eligible for legislative funding. This is also the case with the regional party Pasteur Occitanie, which presents a handful of candidates in the region. Gersois Jean-Luc Davezac, the leader in the recent regional elections, realized that a landmark had been bypassed to promote his ideas.

Last January, he joined the Federation of United States (FPU) with the Breton Party, the Lorraine Party, the Basque Nationalist Party and the Provinco Nationale. “We were looking to establish ourselves in the political arena on a long-term basis. And to be part of the drive to produce more regional products here, or to have more regional independence there or to implement a real regional policy in terms of health, food and the economy…”. FPU joins other small environmental parties including the movements of Antoine Waechter or Corinne Lepage. All united, they can submit more than 200 candidates. Then each group will get its windfall in proportion to its score. “We went to get this montage to get access to funding and we’re going to do a minimal campaign”admits.

Bad reputation on his business card

The former mayor of Montpellier, Philippe Sorel, refuses any compromise: “I’m leaving alone, with no party and no institution behind me. A nomination of passion and commitment”, says the person who hopes to be elected to the third district of Hero. In his name and fame: “It’s an area that helped me a lot when I was president of the Metropole de Montpellier and I memorize it by heart”, he pleads. To fund his campaign, it will be in his name: “I will be wise and in fingernails”.

Campaign in the amount of 30,000 euros, entirely at his expense. Who will be compensated again, if he wins at least 5% of the vote. A risk that could greatly strain the finances of the former first judge of Montpellier: “I have a record that affects people’s lives. Not representing a party can be an advantage. It would be difficult but far from ‘impossible’,” he said. Because it is an open secret. On the evening of June 19, the former Montpellier city councilor hopes to more than make up for campaign expenses…

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