Legislative: “Arnaud Montebourg’s ideas are people’s lives, not money,” says Khaira Bouziane.

The former Socialist MP from the Third District supports the candidacy of Clement van Melbeke, who represents the commitment movement. On May 31, Khaira Bouziane shared her motives: “The ideas of Arnaud Montebourg, aimed at all of France without exception.”

Deputy for the Côte d’Or from 2012 to 2017, elected in the wave that followed François Hollande’s accession to the supreme power, Khaira Bouziane could have been re-elected during this 2022 legislative election. The Socialist preferred a supporter of a supporter of Arnaud Montbourg for the third district: Clément van Mellebeke.

The Next Generation prepares alongside Engagement, the movement founded by Arnaud Montbourg to support his presidential candidacy before throwing in the towel on January 19 (Read the press release). The movement that joined the “Union of the Other Left”, the Union of the Republican Left (Read the press release).

“Too long political careers sometimes lead to a separation from reality”

Interested in the ideas of the former Minister of Economy, Productive and Digital Recovery, Clément van Melckeke made the trip to Clamacy on September 4, 2021 (Read our article) where he met Khaira Bouziane. Then the former deputy accompanied him to lead the Cote d’Or commitment committee and then became the head of his support committee for the legislative elections.

“I was a satisfied grandmother,” Khaira Bouziane explained on May 31, 2022. Dijon Information. She added: “Since 2017, I have withdrawn from politics, which is a good thing, I have devoted myself to my family and to the problems of parents of students, (…) very long political careers sometimes separate a person from reality.” .

However, Khaira Bouziane was elected municipal councilor in Kitigni in 2020, on a majority list led by Remy Detang (Socialist Party), without naming. “I didn’t need a poster in Quetigny,” she retracted.

Arnaud Montbourg’s thoughts are addressed to all France without exception.

“The ideas of Arnaud Montbourg, I share and find that he had a very good program for France and the French,” confirmed that person who was part of the “bombers” during François Hollande’s five-year tenure.

Thus, Khaira Bouziane went to Frangy-en-Bresse with Clément van Mellebeke to meet Arnaud Montbourg (Read our article): “When he tells me he is interested, I find it very good that when we see the politics that our compatriots criticize and sometimes rightly, I find it very important that young people like Clement [Van Melckebeke] They care about politics because politics cares about them, too.”

“Clement’s candidacy interest [Van Melckebeke]Those are the proposals [d’Arnaud Montebourg] It is unfortunately shared by the population, but not necessarily by the politicians, that is that this targets all of France without exception, in the city as in the countryside, the outlying areas of the cities, the small entrepreneurs, the big companies, and they defend the country’s economy against large groups . This is the story of Arnaud Montbourg, if he leaves [du gouvernement] “He couldn’t defend it when he was a minister,” explained Khaira Bouziane.

Khaira Bouziane estimated that “the left is pluralistic. If Clement is elected, he will find important positions where he will join what makes the left in the National Assembly.” “When I was an MP, there were a large number of socialists, and there were also all the small left parties, affiliated to a certain extent, about the decisions we found ourselves.”

“It’s a nomination for”

The Chairman of the Support Committee denies being in retaliation: “Not a nomination, it’s a nomination, to do, to serve the Third District in which I have always welcomed with open arms, I have served all the communes of the Third District.”

“When I was a deputy, when there were learning difficulties, I accompanied them to find solutions: a restaurant-bar, a baker…” Arnaud’s thoughts [Montebourg]It’s people’s lives, not money.

In terms of the balance sheet of outgoing MP Fadela El Khattabi (Renaissance), Khaira Bouziane showed herself calculated: “The population will be able to recognize the positive things that she would have brought and all that she would not have brought. When we prepare, as today with the candidates, we must respect Promise. It’s up to the citizens to judge him based on his mandate.”

“When I see all the socialists shouting at the pitchers who are going to the bowl today, I am really disappointed with the image we give our fellow citizens,” she said nonetheless.

Khaira Bouziane preferred to insist that “politics, young people must seize it, this is their future,” “Politics, these are commitments that we take and respect. Politics is the trust that citizens place in you.”

Interview by Jean-Christophe Tardefon

Third District Candidates (by Electoral College)

1- Xavier Richard (various left)
2- Solène Lacroix-Samper (Reconquest)
3- Tarja Vuvet (Pirate Party)
4- Patricia Mark (La France Insoumise, NUPES)
5- Bruno Lewis (Diversified Environmental Scientist)
6- Valerie Grandet (LR-UDI)
7- François bin Rajm (The Animal Party)
8- Yasmina Hamidi (Stand Up France)
9- Julian Cullen (different left)
10- Dominique Alexandre Bourgeois (National Rally).
11- Clement van Melbeke (The Obligation)
12- Fabian Delorme (The Workers’ Struggle)
13- Fadela Al-Khattabi (band)

“The Arnaud Montebourg program has a uniqueness that is worth defending,” asserts Clément Van Melckebeke

Candidates play their matches in the legislative elections in Cote d’Or

Center: Arnaud Montebourg, Clément Van Melckebeke and Kheira Bouziane, September 25, 2021 in Frangy-en-Bresse, in Saône-et-Loire (JC Tardivon archive photo)

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