legislative. Close to Coulommiers. François Lenormand presents his team and program

Claire Yeager, 21, and François Lenormand, 71, are fifty years apart. (© Ewen Gavet/LPB)

This is amazing Wednesday May 11And François Lenormand (National Rally) He gathered part of his campaign team in a restaurant in Mouroux (Seine-et-Marne), a month ago The first round of legislative elections will be held on June 12. Responsible for the Fifth District, Seine-et-Marne (Coulommiers, Meaux-Sud, La Ferté-sous-Jouarre and Crécy-la-Chapelle), he considered himself in the front line to present himself. “It is also beyond conviction. I want things to change.”

Next to him is his shift, Claire Yeager. She is a 21-year-old law student, taking the same job as during the county elections, as she intended to replace potential MP Catherine Lenormand. The young woman decided to repeat this “very enriching experience” for three reasons: “to fight the growing insecurity, to restore the purchasing power of the French, and to combat the inundation of immigrants.” The vice-president of the 5th canton, also François Lenormand, describes Laurent Leguévelon “a balanced husband: wisdom and knowledge of the field on the one hand and youth on the other.”

Candidate Program

Claire Yeager’s three ideas were included in the candidate’s programme. If he is elected deputy, he is important “Remove judicial inaction and restore effective penalties for all violators.. A dental surgeon for 41 years in Colomiers and hospital attache at CHR in Mellon, the medical problem of deserts is also close to his heart. Despite the construction of medical structures, which are welcome, the candidate believes that there is a shortage of health professionals within them. After retiring for nearly three years, he also presents himself as a counterweight to Emmanuel Macron, and in particular to pension reform. François Lenormand believes that giving all powers to the president would be so The certainty of the social test and the systematic deconstruction of France. »

Watching the low number of unregistered MPs registered with the National Rally in 2017, that is eight, the party leader is said to be fighting for founding. “Popular initiative referendum proportional to the legislature.”

and lo “Stop Mass Immigration” Less prominent in purchasing power during the presidential campaign, one of the great ideas of the far-right movement was to get back in the mare in the Seine-et-Marnais candidate programme.

Exodus in the Seine et Marne?

These are the reactions we get from voters. The problem is different compared to urban districts,” explains François Lenormand. Laurent Legevilon, campaign team coordinator and resident in Moreau, points out that small towns like his cannot handle the influx of new citizens: “In less than 10 years, we have gone from 3,000 to 6,503 inhabitants but Cities are not adapted. »

Eric Zemmour, president of the Reconquête, was more on horseback than Marine Le Pen on this issue during the presidential election. A candidate from his own party should also present, but that is not a concern for François Lenormand, who still hopes for a “useful national vote”. For Jeffrey Hughes, a municipal councilor for Saint Old Town Council, some competitors have been “parachuted” into areas where they are not established. This is not the case with the potential deputy, in the presidential campaign in September of Marine Le Pen.

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local campaign

The retired candidate insists, and his deputy follows, “I’m going to campaign locally and want to be an MP on Earth, which Frank Riester never was.” He was elected in 2017 under the UDI label and, in alliance with Les Républicains, the elected official from the Coulommiers established the Agir party before becoming a minister. He held two positions during the previous five-year period: in culture and delegate in charge of foreign trade and attraction. Despite these experiences, Jeffrey considers that at the end of his term the minister had “a little forgotten about Colomiers and her surroundings.”

The day after announcing his joining the expedition, François Lenormand announced where he was heading these days: “I was this Thursday at Crécy-la-Chapelle, on Friday at La Ferté-Sous-Jouarre, this Sunday and the next at the Coulommiers, in Montry this Tuesday and at Boissy-le-Châtel on Saturday.

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