Legislature 2022: Frank Bondrell, independent candidate

As part of the campaign for the French legislative elections, the newspaper “French Morning” presents a profile of each of the candidates for the position of French People’s Representative in North America (US and Canada). The first round of voting will begin on Friday 27 May for online voting, and will take place on Saturday 4 June at polling stations.

Ten years after his false start during the legislative race in 2012, this time Frank Ponderell officially declared himself a candidate. ” At the time, I announced that I would run and then changed my mind because I realized I wasn’t ready yet.says the 54-year-old Corsican. I had no experience as an elected official, so I preferred to transcend my role to dedicate myself first to a local mandate, before turning to legislative elections for a second time. »

center-right nomination

Frank Ponderell, who has been installed for more than twenty years in Florida, near Fort Lauderdale, presents itself without a label for the North American circuit. ” I am independent and proud of that, congratulates himself. I don’t see myself as a politician who comes to make good speeches but as a Frenchman who wants to help his fellow countrymen, which sets me apart from the other candidates. Historically, it is in the center right of the political spectrum, and the candidacy of the current Chancellor of French Living Abroad and President of the Consular Council in Miami is supported by the Solidarity Alliance of the French People Living Abroad (ASFE), asserts Ajaccien, who campaigned in his youth for RPR. It is a political party founded in 2009 by businessman Jean-Pierre Bansard and 100% dedicated to French people living outside France.

Frank Ponderell received a degree in international business from Wichita State University in Kansas and a bachelor’s degree in tourism in France, and was elected as a counselor to French citizens living abroad in the consular district of Miami in 2014, the year of the first consular elections before that. He was re-elected last year to a second term by winning the ballot by a large majority. ” After eight years as a local elected official, I have a better understanding of the needs of my community. I believe now that I am mature enough and have the necessary experience to be able to share it with my fellow countrymen.He says. On a personal level, I experienced all the difficulties that a French could encounter when I got here: from settling down to setting up a company, including especially the education of children. These problems are about the same in every US state but also in Canada. Since I am already accompanying my compatriots at the local level, today I would like to do it on a large scale. »

Battle against CSG

Frank Ponderell is married and the father of two children, ages 10 and 16, and in his program he proposes to improve consular services. ” I will fight for the consulates to have more resources because the administrative procedures at the moment are long due to the lack of staff in particular. Says the legislative candidate who also wants to support French expatriate retirees in creating their profile thanks to the creation of a telephone line or a dedicated consular service. He also promised to fight for exemption from the Generalized Social Contribution (CSG) and the Contribution to the Payment of Social Debt (CRDS) for the French in North America. ” This currently places us in an unfair situation towards our fellow expats in Europe. »

Co-founder of audiovisual production company SilverProd, as well as the Agency for Regulating Residences in the United States. In the US, which in 2019 was shortened to 25 months (compared to five years earlier). ” This change is due to the reciprocity agreement between France and the United Stateshe explains. The French authorities will have to make an effort towards American investors until the US government does the same for us. It has become very restrictive for already established French investors who want to renew their visas, and those who want to come here are often afraid of such a short period of validity. »

Frank Ponderell, a former Corsair stopover manager in Miami, wants to continue work on the air show between France and North America, particularly by creating a resident tariff. ” It will be a regulated rate that will not fluctuate according to the season and can be adjusted once without charge, as is already the case in the overseas territorieshe explains. Also, we can’t stand what we’ve been through for two years with travel bans, like travel bans, and we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. »

His shift is Cindy Delapina, the elected chancellor of the French living abroad in Western Canada in the recent consular election. This mother of a family has been living in Canada for the past twelve years, working in the aviation sector.

Frank Ponderell will be touring the United States and Canada in the coming weeks. After his first visit to Houston, Frank Ponderell will be in Washington, D.C. on May 12-13 and May 14 in New Orleans.

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