Les Bleues in Euros without Amandine Henri or Eugenie Le Sommer

“I have choices to make, and I will take them to the end.” The director of the French women’s football team, Corinne Deacon, claimed the absence of some female executives by presenting, on Monday, May 30, to TF1 newspaper, the list of 23 selected for the Euro to be held in England, on Monday, May 30. From 6 to 31 July.

Amandine Henry, Eugenie Le Sommer, the best scorer in the history of the French national team (86 goals), have never called up this season, or even Vivien Acé (55 selections), one of the most crowned players in the era of deacon that began in 2017, so it has not been included in this list. This doesn’t stray from the standard blue team as it has been renewed for several months.

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When asked about these absences of two “historic” Blue CEOs, Corinne Deacon explained that “The choices were hard (…), like all lists.” I admitted it “These players did really well” And the “The blue shirt is something extraordinary” For them, but “We can’t just rely on a one-day performance, it’s a long-term job”.

Thirty-year-old Parisian girl Khaira El Hamraoui remains on the sidewalk seven months after the violent attack whose victim remains unsolved. She returned in February after a long absence, but she missed the April camp, the defensive midfielder in Paris Saint-Germain is paying the price for her position in the club, where she has not played for a month and a quarrel in training, and suffers from her miserable relations with her. Her partners Kadidiato Diani and Marie Antoinette Catuto, two players who also play for France.

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Wendy Renard will wear the armband. The card of youth is symbolized by Selma Bacha, Sandy Baltimore and Melvine Mallard, for example.

two surprises

However, the list holds two surprises. Paris FC striker Olimata Sarr (15 caps), despite a sporadic international career, was called up, relaunched in February and then extended in April following Melvin Mallard’s (also called Monday) deal. The 26-year-old Paris FC striker climbed into the blue bandwagon at the last minute.

Without Henry or El Hamraoui, it is the young Ella Palese, 23, who will participate in the Euros, despite her poor international experience (6 matches) and sometimes reduced playing time in Bordeaux. She will be the replacement for Charlotte Billbolt, another Girondin.

As goalkeeper, behind defending champions Pauline Peraud Magnin and Mylene Chavas, Justin Leronde completes the trio in the absence of Soline Durand, a package due to injury. Messina plays in the second division but keeps the U23 tricolor cage and has already passed through the blue box. In defense, Hawa Cissoko was chosen as the fourth hub to accompany key player Renard, Griedge Mbock and Aïssatou Tounkara. Left side Pearl Moroni, struggling in Lyon, falls victim to competition from Sakina Kerchaoui and El Pacha.

“We worked for a while with this group, which also qualified for the upcoming 2023 World Cup. We were able to find a balance for a few months with experience and youth”Corinne Deacon commented. mentioned “The common goal with the players is to meet at Wembley on July 31 for the final.” And winning the first title in the history of the French women’s team.

The coach must formally submit her roster before June 26 at 11:59 p.m., the last deadline. It will then be possible to substitute a player up to 24 hours before the first match, in case of injury or Covid-19.

Euro Blue List:

nannies Pauline Perod Magnin (Juventus), Mylene Chavas (Bordeaux), Justin Leronde (Metz)

defenders : Yves Berest (Bordeaux), Marion Torrent (Montpellier), Greg Mbok (Lyon), Wendy Renard (Lyon), Aissatou Toncara (Atletico Madrid), Soukaina Kerchaoui (Paris Saint-Germain), Salma Pasha (Lyon), Hua Sissoko (West Ham). )

environments : Charlotte Billbolt (Bordeaux), Kenza Dali (Everton), Sandy Toletti (Levante), Grace Giroud (Paris Saint-Germain), Ella Bales (Bordeaux).

attackers : Sandy Baltimore (Paris Saint-Germain), Delphine Cacharino (Lyon), Kadediatou Diani (Paris Saint-Germain), Marie Antoinette Catuto (Paris Saint-Germain), Melvin Mallard (Lyon), Clara Mathieu (FC Team), Olimata Sarr (Paris FC)

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