Lézignan-Corbières: Prom’Aude, Ambassador of Nature

Prom’Aude opened its doors on Friday, June 3rd. For the 31st edition, the domestic products and all the know-how of the department, of course, are in the spotlight, as well as the defense of the environment.

If Prom’Aude must remain closed for two years, due to the pandemic, the spirit of the event has remained the same: to highlight Aude’s products and know-how. Tasting wine, charcuterie, honey, olives, ice cream and other cheeses, meals around eleven bodegas… You don’t change how you win. And the audience that was present all day yesterday, on the occasion of the opening, was not mistaken, taking advantage of the pleasant weather, both warm and windy. But Prom’Aude also wants to be a nature advocate. Thus, in the position of two joint regional nature parks (Parc Narbonnese and Corbierre-Venoyer), the association Arbres et paysagers de l’Aude has promoted tree planting and countryside hedges, explaining their benefits in many points: enhancing biodiversity, mitigating climate risks, preserving Soil enrichment, reduction of erosion, regulation of water resources …

Iron ore workers work for four days.
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25 km of trees and hedges planted every year

“We accompany those who want to farm, “Trees and Landscapes,” explains Juliette Cullen, host of “Trees and Landscapes.” For five years, we’ve been following 80 farmers a year.” During this period, every year 25 linear kilometers of trees and hedges are planted, that is, from 22 to 23,000 trees: “80% of the farmers we support are farmers who work on the central axis of the department, from Lauragua to the sea,” Juliette Cullen confirms once again.

Kind of a brass band moved on Friday.

Kind of a brass band moved on Friday.
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Introduction to fishing

At the Gaujac site, the Aude County Fishing Union is also prominent. Its objective: to announce its various activities in recreational fishing (especially fly fishing), as well as the various activities it carries out for the benefit of the fish farming department or various facilities for the preservation of water resources. Many tasks that parents can learn while the children experience, for example, some skill games, and the throwing rod is on hand.

knowledge to pass on

Knowledge also has its place in this festival at the departmental level. If blacksmiths amaze with their mastery of fire and iron, all you have to do is walk a few meters to meet representatives of the Ornaison L’Outil en mains association. These former artisans who make them dedicate their time to introduce children to crafts and heritage. For President Bernard Amilat, as for all the members, whether they be carpenters (wood or aluminium), electricians, plumbers, mechanics, cupboarders, or ironworkers, the goal is simple: “Exchange and Broadcasting for the Development of Two Generations”.

Thibault and Livia wait for you in Degustotheque to discover the nine labels of Aude.

Thibault and Livia wait for you in Degustotheque to discover the nine labels of Aude.
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After the first day of racing, Prom’Aude got to the heart of the matter on Saturday, June 4th, with openings by the event’s various partners, and of course the unmissable gourmet events.

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Today’s program

In addition to the activities that take place every day, more specific meetings are scheduled for Saturday, June 4th. From 10 am to 8 pm, spot raptors and hawks at the Bois des Fauconniers. 11 a.m.: Official opening. From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., game bookstores Lud’Aude and Ludule offer wooden games, games of skill… At 11 a.m., the card game “Osez l’agriculture” in the marquee of the farming room. 11:30 am: Falconry show. From 2 pm to 4 pm, the Agility team trains with Club Ferrals-les-Corbières and Club Portel-des-Corbières. 3 pm: Escape game “Discover agricultural professions”. 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Introduction to tambourine. 3 p.m. Pony spotting, activities and shows for young riders with Le Parc Equestrian Center. 6:30 pm: Falconry Show. From 7 pm to 11 pm, Bodega area with DJ Pepes.

Don’t forget to go under the dome of L’Indépendant to win gifts from your title and Prom’Aude partners.

Entry fee: €2 (free for children under 16 years old). Site opening at 10 am, animation closing at 8 pm; Catering ends at 10:30 p.m.; The site closes at 11 pm.

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