[Livre blanc] Mobile app trends 2022: a global analysis of app performance

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The year 2021 has once again turned the mobile app sector upside down. With lockdowns and a new privacy landscape affecting user acquisition in iOS, consumer habits and user behavior trends have evolved as much as they have. But how have these new features affected the app marketing ecosystem?

The Mobile App Trends 2022 report provides industry-specific analysis of global and regional developments in the mobile marketing economy over the past year. Based on data from 2,500 apps, the report highlights trends and performance across the fintech, e-commerce and gaming sectors, giving advertisers actionable insights to drive app growth in 2022.

[Télécharger le rapport Adjust sur les tendances mobiles des apps]

The Mobile App Trends 2022 report analyzes recent trends in installs, sessions, ATT approval rate, retention, redistribution (and more) to help you better understand your audience and the current state of the app economy. Adjust report shows very strong growth in key metrics, particularly driven by the influx of many highly engaged users. Parallel to the major improvements, the analysis also indicates somewhat lagging retention performance, reminding us of the importance of paying the same attention to retention and lasting value as UA.

The report highlights the following conclusions:

  • In 2021, installs grew year on year across all sectors and regions tracked, fintech by 35%, e-commerce by 12%, and gaming by 32%.
  • Trading and crypto applications have also seen strong growth, with highly engaged user bases. Although they only account for 7% and 2% of all fintech app installs, respectively, they account for 17% and 6% of sessions.
  • Hyper casual games make up the highest percentage of installs in the gaming segment (27%), while action games have the highest percentage of sessions (30%).
  • Marketplace apps have slightly higher retention rates than the rest of the e-commerce sector (27% vs. 19% on day 1 and 10% vs. 7% on day 30).

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Adjust, plateforme mondiale d'analytiques privilégiée des marketeurs mobiles axés sur la croissance, propose des solutions pour mesurer et optimiser les campagnes et protéger les données utilisateur. Adjust alimente des milliers d'applications à travers l'intelligence intégrée et l'automatisation, et leur offre un support client réactif dans le monde entier.

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