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On Thursday evening, a group of glamorous spectators with programs and champagne flutes took their seats on Sotheby’s seventh floor and waited for the show to begin. With five international flags fluttering above the main entrance, the New York auction house’s headquarters looks more like an embassy, ​​but instead of bureaucrats, busts fill its halls.

Over the next two-and-a-half hours, the room watched intently the tens of millions of dollars’ worth of works by well-known names such as Ed Ruscha, Francis Bacon, and Cy Twombly, the numbers flying like fluff from dandelions.

But, fall of a woman (2020)
And It was the first painting by a 27-year-old artist named Anna Wyant to be on the list. Once the clock struck 6, they bid at $300,000 and then $1.6 like thoroughbreds as Sotheby’s bidders yelled at each other, rushing to claim the prize for mystery shoppers. By the time the dust settled, an online bidder had won Weyant’s work for $1 million, setting a new auction record for a painter.

On May 6, Gagosian announced that she had begun representing Weyant, making her the youngest artist on Moloch’s Inimitable List. The past three years have seen Weyant’s artistic upheaval steadily growing, but such hits remain unusual, especially given Gagosian’s enormous influence on the world stage and the artist’s extreme youth.

Many artists toil in the dark their whole lives before selling a single piece of work, and getting gallery representation in a tough city like New York requires a fine combination of skill, charisma, and good connections.

But Wayant, who earned a bachelor’s degree in drawing from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2017, has hit an extraordinary market high in what appears to be a short time.

“Obviously there was a lot of interest in the work in the market. It was very difficult to get to them in primary school, and the show was sold out.

– Lucius Elliot

“Anna and Yant were first caught last summer,” said Lucius Elliott, president of Sotheby’s Now Evening auction. “Various people have asked me about her at the time, she just did her first show at Blum & Poe. There is obviously a lot of appetite in the market for business. It was very hard to get to her in elementary school, the show is sold out.”

The first Weyant piece ever offered at auction was called a drawing of long, bare legs without an addressAnd It nearly quadrupled its estimate at Phillips last June. Exceeding the expected results turned out to be nothing but a stroke of luck for the young painter.

Josephine, Dark Still Life, sold at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong in April for $513,900 with an estimate of $513,900, and in May Weyant’s work sold as Lot 32,000 at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips. Your XNUMX board summer It topped an estimate of $200,000 at $1.5 million for $300,000 at Christie’s at $300,000 in May and sold Phillips and Yant on May 18. Sideboard II For $730,000 above estimates of $150,000-100,000.

“These auction results are also attracting and attracting a lot of interest,” Elliott said. “True or false, it’s something people will notice, and the fact that it has changed the representation of the gallery since we started our view is also an important factor, particularly the Gagosian, the largest gallery in the world.”

One look at his work and you’ll probably understand the hype: Weyant’s figurative paintings feature a muted palette that strongly prefers black, olive green, and peach, and evokes many references (Dutch Old Masters, contemporary classic John Currin, Shannon Cartier’s Lucy’s Exotic Life) suggesting a deep reverence for his past. Art and its present.

Wayan’s female characters are unmistakably contemporary with an edge of angst, and her paintings of objects offer unexpected pairings: scoped pistols sit alongside delicate vases. Her images are feminine and extroverted, yet reserved; A little tense but not threatening.

Weyant grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Weyant’s childhood was often “idyllic,” she said. i liked Last year, if not necessarily focus on art. Going back to his past is a big part of the artist’s process: “It’s something I’ve come back to through art over the past few years, my childhood and my teenage years and I’ve come to where I am now.” , admitted. i liked.

“I recently discovered this old journal that I was writing when I was about 13 years old,” Wyant added. i liked. “And like any other 13-year-old, I was weird in many ways. One of the entries was something like, ‘A guy just asked me and the next day he left me and he was the love of my life and I was so sad.’” Then I signed him, saying that this girl—let’s call her Stacy—”looked really fat today.” Then, ‘Xo, Anna.’ “Woe to me, I have this horrible breakup and then someone burns in the same breath.

“I think she would have made it without girlfriend Larry Gagosian, but the rise wasn’t that fast.”

Vasily Kaliman

Everyone has nagging questions about a young star, and insiders have followed Wayne’s meteoric rise to fame with skepticism and questioning. October, i liked It reported that Wayan was dating Larry Gagosian, a 76-year-old mega drug dealer, which sparked a frenzy of gossip. (Gagosian Gallery and Wyant declined to comment to The Daily Beast.)

the interview Page XNUMXGagosian and his longtime girlfriend Chrissy Earpuff, the show director, separated in 2019. Later that year, Page XNUMX She reported that Gagosian started dating Holly Bawden, his 35-year-old former personal assistant.

“I think it’s very good,” technical advisor Vasily Kaliman said of Wayant. “Maybe her work now derives from John Currin, but I think it would become her own thing. I think she would have worked without girlfriend Larry Gagosian, but the rise wasn’t quite as fast.

Dramatic Whisper is not limited to the artist’s private life. Weyant’s first solo exhibition, Welcome to the dollhouseIt was held at 56 Henry Hotspot in Chinatown in 2019. Dozens of paintings in game house Depicting a group of relaxed girls playing cards or hiding behind candlesticks, the painted dollhouse is inspired by an adult.

Courtesy of Gagosian

In 2021, Weyant’s show with Blum & Poe in Los Angeles, Loose Screw, continued to build momentum. When Weyant partnered with Gagosian earlier this month, his new gallery did not mention his exhibitions with 56 Henry or Blum & Poe in the acquisition announcement, sparking rumors of a cloud of dust behind the scenes.

After RISD, Weyant spent seven months at the Chinese Academy of Art in Hangzhou, where he studied traditional painting, before returning to New York and taking a job as an artist’s assistant.

“Anna has been an assistant to an artist I work with,” said Elle Raines, owner of Chinatown 56 Henry Gallery, and star creator. (Rines declined to name the artist Weyant worked with.) “I went to the studio [de Weyant]And their pictures had a chiaroscuro technique which I thought was really cool. She was able to make these really nice, flat surfaces and I was really amazed. It has improved dramatically every few months. She was very keen on drawing all night long in her studio. Anna is someone who really loves to draw and really cares about the quality of the paint.

“Ellie discovered Anna and Yant,” said Bill Bowers, art dealer and owner of Half Gallery. When I negotiated the sale [Weyant’s] Larry Gagosian’s first painting, I passed this deal on to Eli and Eli made the sale.

“I billed Larry because I was the owner of the Anna Gallery at the time,” said Rains.

“She’s a 27-year-old woman, and I find it really insane for men, mostly middle-aged men, to spread all these rumors about her. I find that pathetic.

– Eli Rains

A source from Sotheby compared Weyant to Taylor Swift on Thursday: They are both child prodigies, as well as being the target of misogynistic gossip and love of life.

“When someone succeeds, people kind of forget that they are human,” Rains said. “She’s a 27-year-old woman and I find it really crazy for men, mostly middle-aged men, to spread all these rumors about her. I find that pathetic.

With a string of assassination victories under his belt, all eyes are on Weyant’s early witch career, for better or worse. what happened after that?

“Given last week’s results, Anna and Yant’s work is definitely important to the auction, and there is clearly strong demand,” Elliott said. “Before the auction, we had registered a number of phones in action and that translated into the outcome. But what happens next in the auction market is decided by shippers, our customers, and the wind. The making of Anna Weyant, the hot new art star

This article is automatically translated from your native language to your language. Feel free to let us know if they contain translation errors so we can correct them as soon as possible.

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