Mary sneaks and steals her purse

Magali Beardeh went to the Marie Senfelter Show. The latter stole her bag before distributing her ticket packet to spectators. The video went viral.

Mary Sneaks: She’s Catched Too Many Reality TV Nominees In Dubai

Marie infiltrates her own sense of humor. The young woman follows a bad fanfare, loves to stir up controversy around her. Thanks to her videos that went viral, she was able to make a name for herself in the media world.

On October 1, 2019, for example, the young woman snuck into the Chanel catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week. She was ended up on stage by supermodel Gigi Hadid herself.

Then, Marie Seinfelter decided to attack the expat reality TV nominees in Dubai. In a YouTube video, the comedian revealed behind the scenes of this coveted destination for French influencers. In particular, she went to meet workers who were treated like slaves. “We are told that there is work, that it is well paid, but that is not true. […] I’ve been here for 2 years but I’m still struggling to eat right. not normal” Someone explained.

Marie Senfelter distributes Magali Berdah money in her show.

Mary Sneaks: She corners reality TV candidates in front of a hidden camera

On the French influencers residing in Dubai, Marie Senfelter captured the irony: “French Expat Influencers in Dubai: Millionaire stars who left France and especially its taxes, leaving behind a cloud of promo codes. Reality TV stars created from scratch according to our basic needs: emptying our brains into the obscenity of stupidity that fascinates us, makes us laugh, and is totally fun. Some. He adore them, others hate them, but we watch them live, and we know the names of their children, the brand of their clothes, the color of their car.”

During hidden camera, I went to interview several candidates, sitting in a fancy restaurant. We can see her talking to Martica, Hillary, Sarah Lopez, or the Jazz of Korea. The latter did not do in lace. When asked about her salary, Chelsea, Cayden and London’s mother answered first: “I earn 300,000 euros a month.”

One question leads to another one, which Marie Senfelter asks if she wouldn’t mind not paying her taxes in France. “I don’t have anything to burn personally”Jazz swings. “Not paying taxes to people who finally come to rob us and shit on us? No. (…) I hate France.”

Mary sneaks: Maifa Ghannam is chasing her?

Later, Jazz will explain that he has known the comedian from the beginning. Laurent’s wife had a comedian all over hidden camera.

However, there are those who have only seen fire: Maifa Ghannam. In response to a question from Marie S’ hacker about the price of plastic surgery, he said Marseille She didn’t realize until it was too late who she was dealing with. Alarmed, swayed: “The girl pretended to be a fanatic to stay with me. (…) She wanted to make a fuss about my ass. What she is doing is very dangerous. I sent him a message attacking him here in France and Dubai because it is forbidden to post the video without permission.”

But according to Maryam’s ads in daily, This case will now be at a standstill. “I haven’t had much news… I’m not really looking for news, if this can stay between us… That’s said, now I’m still waiting. I haven’t received the complaint yet. I’m risking photo rights complaints… Things I know, I risk doing it.”

Mary sneaks: she steals Magali’s bag of purses and distributes her cash in the middle of the show

If Marie Seinfelter didn’t just make friends in the reality TV world, that didn’t stop Majali Baird from attending her show. In fact, the director of Shauna Events – who usually protects her influencers fiercely from the displeasure of Dylan Terry – is clearly not upset.

In the last hours, columnist in TPMP The one who attacks Bubba in court is seen at the Marie Sinefelter show with her lover. Gearstar, who is also at the gathering, filmed an unexpected scene. Yes, during the show, Marie Seinfelter got to know the reality TV nominee agent (always opposite Carla and Kevin). Then I went to meet him and told him… They stole her Chanel bag. Without embarrassment, she then opened it to discover a huge amount of cash. As if that wasn’t enough already, I began to distribute this money to the spectators in the room. Finally, the comedian is back on stage, Magali Berdah’s Chanel bag slung over his shoulder, literally before that. Throw it in the audience. A viral video that you can find in the player above.

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