Money and Conspiracies (1): How Antivax Developed a Business Model

Emma Croese, who assures us that she’ll be happy to answer our questions “but not before June 20,” is making a name for herself in 2020 for her viral videos. She attacked Bill Gates, demanding that “intoxicating” masks, screening tests and vaccines be rejected.

Today, Ema Krusi’s videos are more professional. She also interviews guests such as Canadian Sylvain LaForest – who is particularly challenging 9/11 and global warming.

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Books, training and nutritional supplements. But the videographer now also expresses herself on more diverse topics, for a fee. An online store offers to buy his self-published books, Click! And the wrong start Birth recovery, or to register for its online training courses on personal development and childbirth. It costs between €99 (or €60 for an upgrade, for 3 hours, 20 video lessons, and 6 hours of podcasts, plus access to a private Facebook group) and €350 (€144 for a promotion) for a more personalized service. Another “Ema Krusi” brand: novoma food supplement. They also offer conferences, such as the one scheduled for Etoy on June 24.

Personal development, a ready path for these new influencers, believes French journalist Anthony Mansoy, who last week published a book called Dissidents: A Year in the Conspiracy Bubble.

“A lot of people affected by these theories are looking for themselves after this health crisis. It happens that they cut themselves off from their loved ones. So they often need a community, to resettle. So if there is a problem, they will quickly come across these influential books or courses influential.


“The mistrust of politicians, medicine and the industry, which can be understood in light of the numerous scandals, creates a new way of life and therefore potential clients.”

Good stuff galore. Other characters or movements in the holistic realm became real “marks”. looked b Julian Wolf (a pseudonym), in the origin of the “Grand Réveil”, a conspiratorial and anti-vaccine media, which in particular published a list of Jews working in CNN and on The New York Times. Anthony Mansoy explains, this graphic designer has been selling flyers and T-shirts for ten years on the Internet. And since the creation of The Great Awakening, he’s been selling (when his pages are not censored) T-shirts with conspiratorial messages, via dedicated clothing site Spreadshirt.

We can also cite Antoine Cotita, a videographer promoting conspiracy theories inspired by QAnon, this pro-Trump movement that emerged in 2017 and believes in the existence of the Pedo-San organization that rules the world. In particular, Antoine Cotita broadcasts alternative television news. On the “Human Alliance 2020” website sells beanies, hats and other mugs stamped with the respective logo. It also calls for donations.

Derivatives and other similar offerings are clearly not the prerogative of conspiracy theorists, but they have had some success. Rudi Richstad, Site Manager Conspiracy Observatory, Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Theories Observatoryanalyzes these “commercial” developments:

Often, it is rather a combination of circumstances. These people meet with some kind of success and decide to combine business with pleasure, as is the case with other military issues. I don’t think, with exceptions, that making money is the main driver, or that there is a business plan at the base.

Nuances Anthony Mansui:

“Some were also marketing experts well integrated into the system. They know how it works. False information can also be an excuse to recruit new customers in a more pessimistic way.”

Funding platform case. Books, training, or derivative products are all means of financing his (conspiratorial) cause. Crowdfunding platforms are also: conspiratorial film producers Resist He raised 300,000 euros thanks to the platforms Tipeee and Ulule. A position that has notably drawn criticism for online crowdfunding platform Tipeee, which is built on the principle of tipping. Especially since Michael Goldman, the site’s co-founder, has stated, “I suppose everything is on this site, from the most anti-Semitic to the least anti-Semitic, and from the most conspiratorial to the least conspiratorial.” What about today? A tipeee representative replied:

“It was a very embarrassing sentence. Tipeee believes that private companies should not judge what people have the right to say or not. A conspiracy or what is judged as such is not a repressed opinion by French law and platforms are not held responsible by law for content beyond what is Clearly illegal. Anti-Semitism, in this case, is.”

The creator on Tipeee must commit to “not posting items […] Illegal, misleading, wrong or xenophobic […]. Otherwise, the pages or the creator’s account may be deleted. The Tipee team checks the content when a new page is opened and a law firm considers those that may turn out to be “borderline.” Which means that the pages are like pages Leonard Sugli And the Alice Basalmar Tipeee did not consider it a problem.

Leonard Sugli thanks to his “Say sept” page collects 1771 euros per month thanks to 233 “tipeurs”. according to Watch the plotHe is one of the leading figures in the Kannoun movement in the French language. Some of his statements about Jews have been accused of being anti-Semitic, although he denies this. He lives between France and Switzerland.

Alice Bazalmar, she can count on the help of eighteen pens, but it is not specified how much she earns each month thanks to her Tipeee page “¿Pourquoi Pas?”. In 2019, Alice Pazalmar co-founded One Nation in 2019, “A wave of planetary liberation invites you to quietly seize your personal power.” In 2020, in one of her videos, she claimed that there is a “network of high-ranking people in high positions who would like […] to attack our children.” The young woman had to abandon her plan to create a one-nation “community” in southwest France. In 2021 the online platform HelloAsso decided to suspend the participation of Kitty, which raised more than 200,000 euros in a few days.

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