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At FFF, we don’t like to talk about money. But the French Football Federation is also a company, perhaps much more today than this famous big home of amateur football and thousands of federations, not to mention its army of dedicated volunteers. And like all clubs, they know how to cut fat when imposed by harsh market law, and this process rarely begins with the highest salaries…

The information has gone relatively unnoticed, but the FFF recently won a major victory. Not that she has managed to sell the rights to her Blues TV or Coupe de France, and is still waiting for a satisfactory offer. In sum, last Friday, the Administrative Court of Appeal in Paris, on behalf of the procedural points, reinstated the social plan that had initially been canceled last December.

This so-called scheme to protect jobs has caused an unusual buzz within this small world that prefers to embrace its mission of “public service” rather than exposing the underside of the “box” with a turnover of around €250m. And, as in many sectors, the Covid-19 virus has proven to be an unexpected “opportunity” to squeeze the workforce. The idea, content and form (18 positions omitted) of PSE have been attributed to Florence Hardwin, General Manager. This assertion does not exhaust the legal series, as ten employees involved have filed a lawsuit with the Industrial Court, and a final appeal will certainly be submitted to the State Council.

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This incident will sound awfully familiar to the ears of many employees in our country. However, this PSE highlights above all something unique, the “inside” culture of the FFF and its management. A particular process was set in motion by Jean-Michel Aulas, who was hardly suspected of being a leftist: “As a business owner, I was a bit surprised at how it went. We had two echoes. The one from Comex (Executive Committee, editor’s note), which is something that is highly controlled and wouldn’t be a problem, but on the other hand, we’ve had internal feedback from anxious people. » Beyond the purge rumors, with entrance noises stirring up more soprano what fire the most beautiful lifethe decision to make employees bear the “damage” of the economic crisis of the pandemic alone is questionable and forbidden.

FFF has its own money and real budget leeway with bonus blues. In some European clubs, professionals were able to accept a reduction in their wages in order to maintain positions. It is doubtful that the most capped international players would have dared to turn down such a sacrifice, and it is certain that some were involved in the decision to forgo their share of FIFA’s allocation for a season or two to save jobs. Françoise Hardouin reacted very strongly in this regard, which led to Hadd insulting the staff (which she denies today). “All great athletes have rewards. That’s how. It’s political will, it’s the way this sector of activity works” emphasized in columns Globalism. The ” thus ” Leaves you speechless. It clearly indicates an overtly liberal approach to business management and managerial fatalism that encourages people to cross the street to find happiness. All this without bothering to lure the first concerned person, the players.


Because money and blues money remains a sensitive and even taboo topic. Noël Le Graët’s reaction in the team Kylian Mbappe’s decision not to go into a commercial operation during the last rally at Clairefontaine in March illustrates this perfectly. In his eyes, this approach would conceal ordinary greed. We would like its “cagnotte” to be: “If he does not accept the operation, then he will not have any money, that’s it.” Except that the attacker, whether or not we participated in his choice or indicated his ambiguity, was concerned above all about the moral dimension of some brands, and also raised the question of redistributing the sums obtained by the Federal Reserve thanks to Bleus (a third of its budget). The Parisian striker, like all his associates, certainly does not need, donating his rewards to associations. What raises in a vacuum, we return to, the use that is made of this windfall on the side of the FFF…

In conclusion, also on the part of the LFP, the old habits have not disappeared. While clubs have largely been helped, to maintain their power, by public funds during the pandemic, and after the collapse of Mediapro, which is entirely attributable to the blindness of the league’s management, Vincent Labron sings the playing of Tomorrow sings, based on the unexpected contribution of 1.5 billion euros of investment from CVC fund and dream to raise 1.8 billion in TV rights soon. In the meantime, we will especially proceed to reduce ” Payroll ” , Understand the number of players under the contract. However, there is only one shadow on the board: “We suffer from particularly high taxes. » Redistribution, what a pain …

By Nicholas Kisas Martov

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