Money, injections, weight, husband, song… What happened to the new star of 2005?

Myriam Abel celebrates her 41st birthday on May 15. Family, children, plastic surgery, life in the south … What will become of the winner of the third season of La Nouvelle Star and the glory of Angels of Reality TV?

We were enchanted by her powerful voice new star. Myriam Abel turns 41 on May 15, 2022. But what do you know about the singer? And what happens to her? Money, plastic surgeries, the song that Luana stole, weight, missed opportunities, husband, child … the secrets of the singer who “gives” everything.

Did you know that long ago new starMiriam Abel was already in the spotlight? In 1997, the singer participated in a concert televised radio hook on france 3, Display I’m on TV. The audience 93% voted for it. A program that allows him to enter the world of music. After that, it was the composer Tristan Fedoras who noticed her, wrote songs for her and became her manager.

After that, she was selected for the show star seeds…but was finally pushed out by the production of the M6, which makes it clear that the show will henceforth be dedicated to the little ones. However, Miriam Abel, who was then seventeen years old, hardly fit the standards. But it does not matter, fate will knock on his door in another way.

Myriam Abel: Luana stole her song

In 2000, she was selected for translation When she still loved mesong from the soundtrack Toy Story 2. then meet Producers: Gloria GaynorWho recorded several songs for him … including as if i love you, Which is Finally played by Loana In 2001!

Its producer, Alan Williams, was my former producer. He made me record this song that I loved. I made a TV with her, did some merchandising…it was my song”I remembered Myriam Abel facing Jordan de Luxe. “They kept my voice, lowering it a little. It was very well manipulated. I couldn’t defend myself“, select the artist, who does not hold it against Luana but stays”a little disgusted“.

Myriam Abel: “100 thousand euros and two albums”

After winning the third edition of the tele-hook of m 6 In 2005, the singer released it single Grant, Lara Fabian and Jean-Félix Lalanne signed. “As a finalist, I had 100,000 euros and two hard albums‘, you trust in 2019, to non-stop people.
In 2009, the young woman became the mother of a little girl Roland JrHe was born out of love for his wife, a guitarist Roland Baron It disappears from the radar…

Life After the New Star: Reality TV and Song

Two years later, Myriam Appel appeared with her relatively noticeably second album who am I. But if the artist is visible on television sets, then this is the most complete failure. This second opus doesn’t even cross 1,000 sales in 2011… Direction America for the beautiful blonde participating in NRJ 12’s flagship program: The Reality TV Angels.

And the purpose of its passage Angels, which then erupted in New York, is evident. Myriam Habil wishes Get a record deal. After signing with Sony Music, she released her single hopefull.

In 2012, Myriam Appel joined Season 4 of AngelsFilming in Hawaii this time. After that, you record one song, in duet with Lord KositiIn a salute to Nelson Mandela, RIP Madiba.

A Peaceful (and Musical) Life in the South

Personally, she gave birth to two more daughters, Charlienow 8 years old, and Jimmy, 6 years. settle in Grimo, in the south of France with her husband Roland and their children, and continues to perform as a duo with her husband. “He is on the guitar and I am on the singing‘, as you say in non-stop peoplein 2019.

and now, what are you doing?

After a few years spent in the shadows, Myriam Abel, in February 2020, started joining the team at Val d’Isore clubas much as Club Med Talent. During the first confinement, Myriam Abel was part of the group “Confi’Music #JasinWhere she sang with her husband, Roland Baron, on the occasion of a live broadcast on Facebook.

On social networks, Myriam Abel continues to post videos of her showing her singing skills. With her guitarist husband, she continues to produce at the party, fairly regularly. Away from the media but not far from the song!

Myriam Abel: The money you earn

Miriam Abel does not have her tongue in her pocket. With Jordan De Luxe, don’t hesitate to trust her in 2021 Financial situationHe is far from anxious, and has been since his teens. “Before arriving at Nouvelle Star, I already had a lifestyle. I arrived in Paris at the age of eighteen, and I was already earning 5,000 euros a month‘, I explained.

Today, with her husband, they earn about “20,000 euros per month“Although they have”need a lotThe former The Angels nominee also revealed other secrets about the jackpot she received for her participation in the show:For angels, it is between 15,000 and 30,000 euros per season. I’ve been leaving for a month and a half. I have always been well aware that it is impossible to get a job by doing podcasting for a month or two. Each time, I thought that the experience would be great and that, even if the disc was not recorded, the most important thing was to appear on TV, sing, record, deliver, etc. It brought me a lot of contracts“.

Myriam Abel “loves” injections: surgery and weight

Nor is Myriam Appel careful when it comes to talking about it Plastic surgery. To Jordan De Luxe, the singer admitted that she did “injection for Erase dark circles“Moreover puff her lips. “My passion is hyaluronic acid injections. I like‘, she confirmed.

Well, in her own skin, Myriam Abel does not want to limit herself to losing weight. “I don’t diet because I like to overeat. We’ll have to find a good middle ground. I’m a little plump… I hide well. I know how to brag. I would like to lose 10 kilos because I am small‘You allowed it.

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