“Money time”, a time for discussion among limousine innovation players to improve the efficiency of financing circles

He remembers. Last April, the limousine was graded by the French Mission of Technology. Until then, limited to Limoges Métropole and connected builders or e-health companies only, “FrenchTechLim” was renamed “French Tech Limousin Community”. Above all, this change of name implies a thematic and geographical expansion, which makes it possible to mobilize all the innovative companies of the three divisions of the limousine.

Subsequently, 160 regional entities supported the government’s launch of the French tech community designation application. A privately led approach byALIPTIC, The association that brings together digital limousine companies.

The Twisted Road to Financing

The latter wants, as part of the new label, to allow startups, project leaders and innovative companies to meet and identify the key players in financing innovation. “We often find funding to be a problem for people who want to get started,” he says. Alexis Mons, President of ALIPTIC. ” Many of them tell us that they lost the financiers, or, conversely, that they encountered the wrong financiers. This is amazing A winding road to finance It slows down, and even fails, the birth of the project. »

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To address this issue, ALIPTIC is providing time for discussion among all these innovation players, on June 28 at ESTER Technopole. “ The idea is to shed light on financing tools.”, confirms Alexis Mons. This exchange should provide a better view of the local players, allowing them to get to know and understand each other better. This is an opportunity to stretch the threads between project leaders and funders. This is the best way to improve the efficiency of funding circles and save time for everyone. »

Bringing dynamism to the territory

Dozens of banks and finance He will be present on June 28th. “Within three minutes, they will be presenting startups and innovative companies with their customized offers or growth levers,” Alexis Muns outlines. “ For the first time, it will be up to the bankers to speak up and seduce the startups.

They will have to make people understand what they can offer them. » In addition, Eric Boniface, funder of innovative projects, will provide feedback. this way,Alexis Mons hopes to bring vitality to the region

. There is the issue of attractiveness of the territory. The more new businesses that will succeed quickly, the greater will be the regional economic dynamism. »

Seront présents : Aquiti Gestion, BPI France, Banque Populaire Aquitaine Center Atlantique, Cabinet du Limousin, Caisse d’Epargne Auvergne-Limousin, Crédit Agricole Center-Ouest, CIC Ouest, F-Iniciativas, Limousin Businességété uvé, No. General.French Limousine Technology Society: Here We Go!

‘money time’

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