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A downtown retailer for over 80 years, it has been Monoprix . groupthrough 6 marksExists in 250 cities in France. strong More than 600 stores The group has been established throughout the territory, and is sequencing new products to confirm its privileged position.

Monoprix is ​​taking various measures to support its sectors

On the occasion of World Fair Trade Day, Monoprix Would you like to reconfirm his obligations Favor fair deal. The brand that, in 1998, was the first general trader to offer its customers fair trade products, preferring products that are minimally processed, continues to offer and product promotion FromOrganic Agriculture And the fair deal.

100% of the private label chocolate bars, 100% of the pure Arabica coffee under the Monoprix brand (34 references) and 100% of the bananas sold at Monoprix are labeled Max Havelaar. This organization works forAn ethical and responsible global economy. Created to fight the injustices caused by globalized trade and improve the position of producers in poor regions of the world, Fairtrade / Max Havelaar is a global approach based on the levers of sustainable development.

On the other hand, Monoprix is the first and only brand in Europe to offer 100% Fair Trade Extra-Sweet Max Havelaar Pineapple. The network continues its work in favor of fair trade with the prospective arrival of the ready-made Margaux Keller collection, made by Creative Handicrafts, a social enterprise called fair trade by the World Fair Trade Organization.

The identity of Monoprix revolves around it Four main goals:

  • “More Responsible Consumption” with the goal of achieving 10% of sales volume from organic, fair trade and eco-labelled products;
  • “Respect for the environment” by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% per euro of sales compared to 2008;
  • “Promote decent living in stores” with 80% of employees recommending Monoprix as an employer;
  • “Strengthening social bonds and solidarity in the city” through the ability to donate the equivalent of 6 million meals a year to associations.

The latest ‘monop’ concept has opened its doors on avenue Marseille in Paris

Founded in 2005, monopoly It offers city dwellers and active customers a wide range of products with more than 5200 references ranging from fresh and very fresh daily to groceries, including hygiene and beauty, in a friendly and intimate atmosphere thanks to the colorful décor.

a few months ago, Monoprix rethinks its model with extension The new monopoly concept. The latter opened its doors on the Avenue of Marseille in Paris. This new 250 square meter store offers both human and digital, takeaway, branded or bulk delivery, take away or on site… Responds to shifting consumption patterns in big cities.

“We are proud of this new monopoly concept that drives the local commerce lines by emphasizing taste, people, e-commerce and responsibility. Thus Monop becomes ‘a true everyday super-merchant serving the multiple and fragmented uses of city dwellers.’”

Monoprix Launches Generation Grands-Enfants Corner

Since its inception, Monoprix has placed innovation at the heart of its culture, while maintaining the harmony between beauty and comfort. The brand has just launched a new concept that aims to help grandparents, who are increasingly present in their grandchildren’s lives, to find activities to entertain them.

The concept is in the testing phase in several stores in Paris and in the provinces to contribute to it Strengthening links between generations. This operation is performed thanks to Partnership with startup Grand-Mercedi.

The corner offers many products and accessories including a Famileo, a personal family diary, “Game tell my grandchildren every” cards, a Money Walkie wallet and much more…

“For several years, Monoprix has transformed its stores to make them real places to live, thus advocating more responsible consumption and generating connections. We are now taking a new step by addressing the 20 million elderly people in France who wish to maintain, on a daily basis, a bond with their grandchildren.” Maguelone Pare-Harroch – Transformation and Innovation Manager.


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