Montbazin: Nature, Art and Music for the Garrigue Festival

The first edition is this weekend on June 4 and 5 in the Mediterranean garden located in the heart of the village.

The Promise. The Garrigue Festival was included in the collective program “Tous Montbazinois!” Who carried, two years ago, in the first round, with 60% of the vote, Josiane Rebes at the head of the Montbazin Municipal Council. And then to one of the Vice-Presidents of Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée, with a large delegation (1).

This weekend on 4 and 5 June, the eastern municipality of the Thau Basin will host the first edition of this new event, which will take place primarily in its Mediterranean garden, a small green garden overlooked by the magnificent Romanesque church of Saint-Pierre. , the gem of the village, which also includes the recently restored Moulin de Juffet (it opens June 25, we’ll come back to this one).

Collective values

“Ecological transition, eco-tourism and economic development or even participatory democracy, these are the main values ​​from which we have created our program,” which was presented together on Wednesday, on the site, by Josian Reps, Mayor, Aurelien Dallows, Senior Vice President, Environmental Transformation delegate, and Lawrence Artero Morell, the second deputy, in charge of village life.

This first festival of greige has received, since its inception, the dubbing of the Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée, its president, François Commines I, wishing that “each of the 14 municipalities organizes its own festival, as regards its particularities”. And in Montbazin, the bush, which covers a large part of its territory, is its DNA. Hence the event is organized by the municipality, CPIE (Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives) of the Thau Basin and the Thau Festival. With a harmonious tone that blends “nature, art and music” this weekend (read the program elsewhere), it is designed as a “festive and responsible event.”

An ideal opportunity to raise awareness of the rich natural heritage of Monbazin through events, workshops, walks etc. In a friendly atmosphere, and on the artistic side, concerts and a theatrical performance on “The Man Who Planted Trees” by Jean Giono were held. All are absolutely free (except for restaurants that will highlight local products).

ABC of the bush

Thus, the Garrigue Festival serves as a symbol of the municipality’s commitment to the environment and the protection of biodiversity. Monbazin, as coordinator of a consortium along with Busan and Villevirac, was also the winner of the ABC National Call for Projects (Atlas of Municipal Biodiversity), with its project entitled “Atlas of Herbal Biodiversity”, supported by CPIE.

“The ABC, as the mayor explains, is based on three dimensions: knowledge acquisition through the production of natural inventories of citizens; mobilization of citizens, associations and businesses, through outreach actions; decision assistance in order to integrate biodiversity issues into local public policies particularly in the areas of urban planning and planning.

Josian Ribes emphasizes: “The issues of education in nature, biodiversity, should concern not only children, but also adults. We no longer have time, scientists tell us, to bear the weight of the future on the shoulders of future generations. We have little time to work in Facing the threats that weigh upon us.”

(1) Delegate for Social and Solidarity Economy and Citizen Participation; social cohesion, gender equality and anti-discrimination; Environmental awareness and biodiversity conservation.

Operation partners

The Garrigue Festival is a project proposed and organized by the municipality of Montbazin, in collaboration with the CPIE-Bassin de Thau network and the Thau Festival. It was built technically with several partners: CEN (Institute of Landscapes) Occitanie, SMBT (Mixed Consortium of the Thau Basin, Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée, Montbazinoise Societies, with the financial support of the Rhône-Méditerranée-Corse Water Agency, Occitanie Region, Hérault and Sit Aglopoli Mediterranee.

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