More carpooling in Strasbourg with CITIZ projects and the arrival of a competitor

As Citiz (re)launches an experiment toward electrifying its self-service vehicle fleet, a new company, Shaary, is cementing its place in a similar niche with 30 vehicles. The development is possible by publishing more stations in Strasbourg.

In 2020 and 2021, citizens’ shared cars were less driven. Confinement, curfews, isolation, the rise of video conferencing… are many reasons to stop traveling by car from time to time. But after two years of uncertainty, the Strasbourg co-op is once again releasing future projects with the end of the health crisis. This renewed optimism coincides with the arrival of a competitor for the first time in Strasbourg, a French company called Shaary.

The citizen, who will soon celebrate his twentieth anniversary, sees the future again with optimism, as explained by its director Jean-François Ferrero Daub:

“One of the consequences of Covid is the rise in daily cycling, so there are fewer reasons to own a personal car. But this is an opportunity for some to switch to car sharing. Above all, there is a real opportunity for professionals to use their vehicle fleet less, and therefore have more occasional needs.”

Subscription renewal and recapitalization

Between January and May 2022, Citizen registered 1,400 new subscribers (out of 15,000 total) in the Grand Est, the majority in Strasbourg. A faster trend of 3000 in 2021 and 2400 in 2020. This return to activity would make it possible to absorb 60,000 euros in losses spread over two years due to the pandemic. Partial unemployment, PGE, premiums, partner discounts… Citizen activated all damage limiting levers after feeling very frightened, with 80% less activity during the first booking.

It was also able to count on the support of the local authorities, which contributed capital (150,000 euros for the Eurometropolis and 155,000 for the Grand Est) to enable it to maintain good financial ratios, and thus continue to borrow for rapid replenishment. Even in the midst of the storm, Citiz was able to invite its members, who backed up to €50,000 in shares.

“Our competitor is above all the single car. The more supply, the more residents will go to share the car. We have no registration fees and no subscription. Our logic is the same everywhere, we break down barriers to the use of car sharing. Our only entry cost She unlocked the car.”

If the second city was Strasbourg, it was simply because the connection was faster with the municipality than with other major cities. Shaary will initially have a more limited drop area map than Citiz initially. Also, reservations on Grande-Île cannot be completed.

Shaary is considering several changes in a few months, including the delivery card. “We are still in discussions with supermarkets and the airport to increase the number of our drop-off areas,” adds Diego Isaac. The number of vehicles can also be increased.

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