Motivation and business performance

Posted on May 23, 2022

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Written by Ghizlan Andalusi.

Today, the economic reality and the health crisis present a stressful and stressful framework for all employees, who, despite the pace and requirements of work, are forced to ensure the competitiveness of the company that employs them. In fact, human resources are the main force in the sustainability of the company. This is why the HR function should not be satisfied with the traditional tasks of the personnel department (such as recruitment, wages, training, forward-looking management of jobs, skills and occupations, dismissal, etc.), it should be concerned with the problems of existence, and more specifically Ensuring her motivation and integrity in the team. Therefore the concept of motivation takes a very important place in times of crisis and competition, because it seems to be the factor that can explain the success or failure of the management method, which would make it possible to gain a competitive advantage. market.

Nowadays, in a competitive environment, in order to grow, companies must constantly improve their competitiveness. To do this, any entrepreneur needs to be surrounded by a motivated team to pursue their company’s growth strategy. Thus, motivation is considered the cornerstone of human resource management, as it refers to the effort and energy invested in the work. It has a very important role to reach the full potential of the salesperson, mobilize his enthusiasm, achieve his goals excellently, and continuously improve business performance.

To engage your sales team, you need to understand the motivating factors to activate the right levers. In fact, every salesperson reacts differently depending on their own perception of motivation. While some are motivated by the stress of goals, others are quickly overwhelmed by excessive stress. Just as reward occupies a central place in a salesperson’s interests, others look for other motivating factors such as work-life balance. Thus, the stimulus is evaluated not only in terms of intensity, but also in terms of quality.

If they want the company to remain viable, managers must motivate their sales teams, for the simple reason that their results depend on them, and the sustainability of their companies. They need to adapt their language, improve their communication, but also be grateful and trust their sales team. However, it is important to move forward, to be creative, and even to review the management style design if they wish to keep their teams motivated.

The main motivating factors at work

Below are the most important motivating factors at work, which were identified through a study conducted among Moroccan sales agents.

We can note:

  • Compensation (the distinction between fixed compensation, individual variable compensation, and variable group compensation related to the performance of the company),
  • Benefits,
  • professional skills development,
  • gratitude
  • Career development and career opportunities,
  • working conditions,
  • Management and communication.

It is also evident from this study that sales agents mainly associate motivation with work recognition, compensation and working conditions.

However, the relationship between motivation and performance remains complex to understand. In fact, motivation is not an absolute term, rather it is viewed differently by every employee. And the effect of motivation on performance is not easily determined, several scenarios can appear: we can find motivated and high-performing employees, and on the contrary unmotivated and low-performing employees, but also unmotivated and high-performing employees, even high-performing employees. Thus, performance is not particularly dependent on employee motivation. It results from a fair combination of competence, motivation and goal setting (Maire, Dubost, 2004)

To do this, managers must:

  • Ensure you analyze and understand the individual needs and motivations of the sales teams;
  • Identify areas for improvement taking into account the opinion of the sales team;
  • enhance reporting;
  • Create a favorable climate and team spirit while assessing challenges;
  • recognition of the efforts made;
  • Provide prospects for development.

Giving value to members of the sales team will motivate them to achieve and even exceed goals. Thus, the company can easily see its sales numbers double, ensuring its competitiveness and sustainability.

It is now up to you, dear leaders, to equip yourself with these few solutions to maximize the performance of your sales team so that your business development is crowned with success.

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