“My Big Bang combines the latest German technology and personal training, in an upscale, intimate and warm atmosphere,” Stefan Schaps (President of My Big Bang)

Stephen Shapps, Head of the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) My Big Bang studio network, was present at the 2022 edition of the Franchise Expo Paris trade fair. The opportunity for the entire franchise team to meet with him to discuss the strengths of his network as well as his prospects for development.

my big bang

Expert Leader in Whole Body EMS (Electrical Muscular Stimulation) training.

My Big Bang is the undisputed expert in active electrical stimulation, a revolutionary concept of German origin that combines fitness, sport, beauty and well-being.

how are you ?

Things are fine! Better than a year ago because activity is starting to pick up in our sector and I’m so happy!

What is your concept and what are its advantages compared to the competition?

My BigBang concept is a bodybuilding concept in a very short time. In 20 minutes, once a week, you can maintain and grow your muscles. it’s a A combination of the latest German technology and personal trainingall in an intimate and cozy setting, somewhat luxurious.

How do you manage business recovery after Covid?

I’m so glad we finally feel healed. It wasn’t easy in our industry, although I think we did better than a lot of classic gym concepts, Our concept is totally innovative and intimate. We were also able to open at a time when gyms couldn’t. Here, we are in full recovery.

It’s spring and inevitably, we have a lot of orders from new customers and returning customers, even after a year or two. They don’t come back, so there, at last, they come back. And from the point of view of the franchise, the same, I am very happy that, despite the Covid crisis, we were able to Maintain a fairly large activity.

We even opened new centers during the crisis. We’ve had several openings over the past six months and coming this year.

What are your development prospects and ambitions?

Today, we are about twenty studios, five of which are owned by us. I plan to open more centers of my own to develop the concept ourselves for our credibility and test things out.

At the franchise level, this year I plan to sign about ten reservation contracts and about ten franchise contracts. It’s a rhythm I’d like to keep for years to come. This will allow us to have both Strong ambition for growth Based on It remains a network on a human scale Where franchisees have been in touch with not only my team but also me, the founder, which is a privilege to many!

Franchising is clearly a good way to get help and support to avoid making newbie mistakes, while fighting isolation.

What do you think are the main difficulties in setting up a company and how can you overcome them?

There are a lot of difficulties! You shouldn’t see a lot, or else you shouldn’t, but I would say you should try to be well supervised and get good advice because you often have a particular job that you’re good at, but there are many other aspects of business that you don’t we necessarily control them; This is where we risk making mistakes and where it may not work. Franchising is clearly a good way to get help and support to avoid making mistakes. From beginners. There are also courses offered by Chambers of Commerce. I always think it’s a good idea!

The second advice I give is Don’t be isolated. When you start out on your own, you either go to a club that helps with creativity or start a franchise. The franchisor helps you break out of this isolation. You are in a network, you can talk to other members, this is very motivating and useful. We learn from each other and when we have a slack, it allows us to get through it!

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