My Letter to the French Parents

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – In an open letter addressed to parents of students, candidate for legislative elections and leader of the Reconquête! He is concerned about the appointment of a new Minister for National Education and, more broadly, about the “imposed subversive education” of children.

Leader of the Reconquête Party! Eric Zemmour is a candidate in the legislative elections for the 4th district of the Var.

At the end of the afternoon, your child comes home from school. She asks him what he learned during the day. This is what he says…

“I learned that France is a racist, colonial and anti-Islamic country. It is a country that was once ruled by Catholic kings who were dictators. Fortunately, the revolution beheaded them. But since then the reactionaries and extremists have tried to prevent progress. I have learned that hunting, meat-eating and all peasant traditions must be banned until they are Replacing wind turbines I’ve learned that prosperity is a bad thing and that you have to abolish trade to save the planet I’ve learned that the rich are guilty of everything France is a country where employers turn their employees into slavery I’ve learned that Islam is as much a French religion as Christianity, and that It was the immigrants who fought for France in 1914 and rebuilt it after 1945. I learned that the victims were men, and they were all rapists. I also learned that I could change the gender if I wanted, because you weren’t born a girl or a boy.

You know I’m hardly exaggerating, unfortunately! The child I describe to you is sometimes your child. He believes in all this madness since left-wing theorists took power in civic education thirty years ago. He will believe in it more with the appointment of Bab Ndiaye as Minister of National Education.

The left wants your children to be left-wing activists, even left-wing extremists, anti-racist, anti-immigration, radical ecologists, “gender fluid” and fiercely anti-French.

Eric Zemmour

Let’s say things clearly: A real kid is apolitical. Praise be to God that he deals with childish matters, and leaves the great debates to adults. But this child of yours, the left does not want. It wants politicized, robotic and fanatical children, petty revolutionaries like all totalitarian regimes, washed-out ideologically-minded, pessimists, vengeful children, ready to denounce their parents if they do not submit to compulsive thinking. The Left wants your children to be left-wing activists, even far-left activists, anti-racism activists, immigration, radical ecologists, “gender fluid” and fiercely anti-French. If your children become all of this, they will no longer be children, and they will not be children anymore.

Countless parents of students tell me their concerns about the devastating education imposed on their children. This destructive upbringing takes place not only without your knowledge: it also unfolds in the face of your whole family, because the Left hates traditional bonds, and above all hates the deepest, most beautiful and most important of all: father and mother. Filial bond. So she is fighting a merciless battle against your child, against you, and against the relationships that unite you. The political class lets it go. Worse yet: in the vast majority of it he commends this indoctrination and encourages the indoctrination of what is dearest to you, the apple of your eye, the flesh of your body, the reason for your living, your work, and your hope: your children. By attacking their souls, it attacks you.

The architects of this massive demolition today are Jean-Luc Melenchon and Emmanuel Macron. The first is in a hurry, wants to destroy everything. The second is more impatient, as it disassembles. But they both use the same technique: to separate French childhood. The appointment of Bab Ndiaye as Minister of National Education is a terrible proof of that. This ideologist will make no concessions to your ideas and your personal and national history. He’s going to inject your kids with a massive dose of left-wing delusions. And do not think that you will easily succeed in preventing this scandal: during their studies, children spend much more time with their teachers than with their parents. Psychological, cultural, and anthropological damage can be irreparable. You cannot allow that to happen. You must not let that happen. A block, without the slightest negotiation, without a step back, refused to bring your grandchildren down to this hell.

How do you do? How do you resist? How do you stand and stand firm in the face of this tsunami of lies disguised as knowledge? If elected, my first bill would aim to ban access to our schools for these ideologues. So they voted for the truth. Vote for yourself and your children. The 550 Reconquest candidates are the only ones who have fought this battle for you, in this campaign, and soon in the Assembly. You can count on the independence of our minds, our standing, our anger and our hope, to carry your demand for respect loud and clear. We will embody your fighting spirit. We will be your children’s attorney. We will be on the front lines, during our five years in office, to free your sons and your daughters from the clutches of the left.

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