Nature at the heart of the new fairs in Belval

It’s time to discover the new fairs in Belval organized as part of Esch2022. After Remix Identity, it is now the turn of the Remix Nature theme to be explored. For this new wave of exhibitions, the international collaboration continues and the HEK (House of Electronic Arts) in Basel and the National School of Art and Design (ENSAD) in Nancy were invited to carry out the “Earthbound, in Dialogue with Nature” and “Respire, Climate Design” exhibitions in La Masenoir. “These exhibitions question our relationship with nature and sustainable development and how technologies can help us take care of our planet,” said Françoise Bos, Head of Cultural Program at Esch2022.

Nature and multimedia

HEK is a modern Swiss institution, since its inception at the end of the 2000s, but already used to presenting exhibitions on the topic of new technologies and nature. For the group exhibition organized by Sabine Himmelsbach and Boris Magrini for Mollerei, all our senses are stimulated: seeing, of course, but also hearing and touch thanks to multimedia works that take the form of videos and installations … “This approach places visitors in an active situation,” explains Boris Magrini. The nineteen works presented a challenge to the visitor on issues related to environmental emergencies, highlighting the complex relationship that humans have with the ecosystem and showing how technology can intervene in a positive way. The works exhibited are sometimes sketches of possible solutions, and reflections on new alternative paradigms. Where resources will be used in more sustainable ways, with the help of digital tools. This is how artist Rafik Anadol creates landscapes that look familiar to us before they are decomposed into an abstract image generated by artificial intelligence. In the installation “Akousmaflore”, Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs den Ancxt meet with the invitation of visitors to touch Hanging plants and discover a sound that varies according to the plant and the intensity of the touch it gives visitors.A little later, Sissel Marie Tonn and Jonathan Reus imagine an interaction installation Wearing specific jackets and headphones, visitors experience the vibrations emanating from earthquakes caused by artificial excavations.

The importance of breathing

At Maasneuer, the approach is quite different. The exhibition “Respire, pour un cimatic design” was created as part of an educational project led by INSAAD teachers and students. This exhibition highlights the importance of the connection we have with our environment through the simple act of breathing. About forty students have participated in this research conducted by the Department of Environmental Design which culminates in an exhibition presenting both the research work and the tangibles related to the topic. From sensitive experiences, and in the context of combating air pollution, the answers are provided and our consciences awakened about this automatic, but fundamental act of breathing and the importance of air quality.

To this end, the exhibition is organized into three chapters: “What do we breathe in our daily activities?” How is air quality measured? , and “How our products can affect air quality.” air? The exhibition is also an opportunity for the public in Luxembourg to discover more nuanced the content of higher education in the art school and to note how important and support interactions between departments, disciplines and different learning paths are.

earthly dialogue with nature, Until August 14 in Möllerei

breathable, for climatic design, Until September 25th in Masenoir

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