Nature, climate, cinema, music, fishing… What’s going on in Haute Vien?

The New-Aquitaine Conservatory of Natural Spaces is soon organizing two nature walks in Haute-Vienne.

– Sunday 5 June, discovery of the Dauges peat bog in Saint-Léger-la-Montagne, 2.30 pm; provide shoes, hats and water; Registration is required at

– Saturday 11th June, hike to spot theait plants; meets at 10 am in the old town hall of Thiat (which has become one of the four delegated municipalities of the new municipality of Val d’Eau et Gartempe); Plan an outing. Contact:

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The next and final session of Climate and Digital Fresco will take place on Saturday 4 June, at the BFM de Beaubreuil in Limoges, at 2 pm and is open to children from 9 years old as well as adults.

The Climate Fresco is a fun, participatory and creative workshop to better understand climate change; As for Digital Fresco, it is a workshop to understand digital environmental issues as a team.

During this last session before the summer holidays, a “zero carbon surprise” for all participants. The recordings are here.


Wednesday 1 June, 7 pm, Bar Les Limogés, 10 rue du Temple in Limoges, Organizes a new book-sharing evening. The owner of the book has one minute and 30 to offer the work, and whoever wishes to obtain it offers a drink to the said owner. A piano accompaniment will be provided during the evening.


The Fishing Federation of Haute-Vienne organizes several inaugural workshops open to everyone from the age of 8, with the help of AAPPMA, on June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and 6 July.

in Aixe-sur-Vienne (Arliquet), from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm; in Limoges (in Vienna and Ourense), from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm; In Saint-Brice-sur-Vienne (Lake Chambéry or Rochelot carpodrome) and Chaillac-sur-Vienne (Lake), from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (also note, two days from the start of carp fishing on July 7 and 8 with the Alliance Halieutique de Saint-Junien).

The registration fee is €20 for six sessions; Everything (equipment, bait, bait, bait…) is provided except for the compulsory fishing license.

movie theater

Organize your cinema Nouvelle-Aquitaine Saturday 4 June at 2:30 pm, BFM’s Clancier Hall in Limoges, Screening of a 1959 documentary “Back to the Parathodox Affair,” a news story that made headlines in Limoges in 1928. Historians Vincent Bruce and Philip Grandcoing, who have just published a book on the subject, will attend.


On Wednesday, June 1, Isle Media Library will present a concert of psalms on the Walt Disney theme at 6 p.m., accompanied by students from CIOL (Conservatoire intercommunal de l’ouest de Limoges). During this concert, students of Odell Girard’s class will take the public guess, in the form of a blind test, of musical titles from Disney World. All in a fun and friendly way. A drink will be served at the end of the party. The party is open to all and without reservation. Information on

sales garage

USA Compreignac will be held on Sunday 5th June Large garage sale is open to individuals and professionals in the municipal stadium of the city. On-site renovations and refreshments. Kiosk: 1 euro per ml. Call

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