Nature Festival: Program

tenth edition

Fête de la Nature is appreciated by Vauxoise families, Pays Royannais residents, and tourists, and welcomes hundreds of curious people each year. The principle is simple: enjoy free entertainment in an exceptional natural environment. Between educational workshops, live performances, exhibitions, and fun activities, families have a wide range of activities.

For the tenth cycle, the municipality wanted to develop partnerships to multiply activities and workshops related to nature. This approach is consistent with the 26 Action Plan for 2026 that was developed at the beginning of his tenure. In fact, the objectives defined in the section “Transport and Training” refer to the development of biodiversity-related events, the creation of partnerships with associations, the organization of workshops to promote initiatives and the promotion of our biodiversity areas.

More than fifteen union or institutional stakeholders will participate in this nature festival alongside the municipality: ONF, LPO, Parc de l’Estuaire, SMIDDEST, Zéro Déchet Pays Royannais, Echo-Mer and Environat, to name a few. Everyone will bring their experience and knowledge about the workshops or visits. To provide maximum coexistence, various recreational activities are offered during the afternoon: on-site catering, giant wooden rides, exploratory walking or cycling as well as a concert for young audiences “in the footsteps of the ecologist.groumpf” with a catchy and attractive theme Thrilling songs into a unique family-friendly adventure.

the program

From 12 noon to 6 pm:

  • Giant Picnic: Bring your own meal and enjoy the exceptional garden atmosphere.
    Or order food from the on-site restaurant, all day long, with Clochette (grilled meats, potatoes, sandwiches, pizza, pancakes, drinks, etc.)
  • giant wooden toys

From 2 pm to 6 pm:

Registration for the various workshops is free. It is conducted on site, in each ward with associations and service providers.

animal and plant area

  • Plant swaps with dedicated garden tenants
  • Cooking workshops and games with fresh fruits and vegetables in partnership with Interville
  • Games and memory about trees with ONF
  • Bee and candle making workshops at Parc de l’Estuaire
  • Educational hive with the beekeeper Mr. Horoyd + honey sale
  • Presentation platform of the Natural Environment Society 17
  • Presentation of the LPO Shelter model, mini-games about this model, and seed bomb workshops with LPO
  • Stand of the Dogs of Vaux-sur-Mer and Saint-Palais-sur-Mer for awareness of urban hygiene + exhibition of drawings with schoolchildren on urban hygiene

recycling area

  • Workshops on waste sorting and “Make good compost” in cooperation with the association Retour o sol + exhibition “Little Compost Monsters”
  • Waste fresco workshops with the association Zéro Déchet Pays Royannais
  • Recycling workshops to create a wind octopus with Vents du Tao
  • Activities and exhibitions for recycled materials. Animation of a workshop for making baskets from used oyster bags using the Echo Mer
  • Presentation of a 3R approach: Recycle, Reuse, and Restore with Art Deco + Tawashi making workshops, ship with mandala spiritual CD, driftwood wreath and empty pocket on a shell or oyster

Water and Coast District

  • Stand up for Royan Coast Biodiversity and Sea Line Conservation with the Environat . Association
  • Water Workshops: Various educational and fun workshops on the water cycle, discovering the aquatic world, and raising awareness of biodiversity. These workshops are offered in partnership with the Compagnie des Eaux de Royan (CER/SAUR).
  • SMIDDEST Expeditions Display Stand + Modular Workshop of the Cordoba Lighthouse
  • Exhibition “The Gironde Estuary and the Pertoy Sea Marine Natural Park”: The Marine Natural Park (PNM) Ecosystems Exhibition of the Gironde Estuary and the Bertos Sea is an educational tool to raise awareness of the riches of the marine environment. It is a collaborative project implemented by the Community Agglomeration Royan Atlantique (CARA) and funded largely by Marine Natural Park.
  • Exhibition of nursery and primary school works in Faux-sur-Mer

Sports and Wellness Area

  • Discover and introduce nature-related luxury sports through:
    • Taï chi Tao Harmonie . Association
    • Nordic Walkers on the Cote de Beauty (Beginning of the Nordic Walk in the Park)
    • Ossia Cycling
    • Legion and Decorations Association
    • Vauxois Sports and Leisure Club

casual activities

  • 2pm: start of a mountain bike tour in Vaux-sur-Mer with the Océa Cyclisme Association (walk the wooded trails and along the coast – bring your bike and helmet)
  • 2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.: Yoga presentation by Maud Lecarder of CVSL
  • 2.30 pm: Nature walk with Destination Royan Atlantique (€6 per person – free under 6 hours)
    Reservations required: 05 46 08 21 00 –
    In the heart of the Vaux sur Mer Garden, fish, flowers, birds, insects and trees will have no more secrets. A real fun family activity to learn about nature and respect the environment while having fun!
  • 2.30pm: Initiation and introduction to a 30-minute water theme dance for children/adults with Vauxoise Corps & Motifs
  • 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.: Concert for young audiences in the footsteps of eco-groumpf by Cie du Vengeur (interactive music show, catchy songs meditative in an original and family adventure)
  • 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.: Body sculpting demonstration by Stephanie Simon of CVSL
  • 3pm-5pm: Outdoor Painting Workshop with CVSL
  • 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.: Athletic Show, Pilates, Stretching, Body Tonic by Elodie Bertin of CVSL
  • 4.30pm: Initiation and introduction to a 30-minute water theme dance for children/adults with Vauxoise Corps & Motifs
  • 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM: Visit City Hall Park with ONF . Forest

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