Nature is Bike 2022, the second edition of the French Gravel Festival

The return of nature by bicycle in 2022 to delight gravel lovers! Do you want to dive into the world of gravel bike? To discover a separate world in the nature of cycling? Manufacturers, races, brands, equipment: everything that will be there at Nature is the 2022 bike. Here are all the details about the first gravel event in France, in its second 2022 edition.

Bicycle Nature Festival 2022

Repeat the experiment

After the success of the first version, it became Nature is a bike festival It will be held at the weekend From 24 to 26 June 2022 in Angers. We reveal everything you need to know about this unmissable event for gravel enthusiasts and professionals, a well-established legal cycling practice.

The Nature’s first edition is the bike In 2020. Due to the health context, the event was postponed until 2021Which raised expectations for this festival. And for good reason! The results of the first edition are marked with great success. This can be seen in the main race of the festival, a 302-kilometer track with a height of 1,789 meters called legend pebbleswhich mobilized nearly 300 cyclists.

The Gravel and Adventure Bike Show follows, and here’s where the 2021 festival comes in with a few numbers:

  • 60 brands represented,
  • 100 volunteers
  • participation of 15 associations,
  • 46 partner companies,
  • 1032 participants, including all events.

After the success of the first edition, Nature is the bike 2022 Promise more. The organizers of this event welcome the major brands in the sector. This is an event not to be missed for lovers of cycling and adventure!

Angers at the heart of the festival

The The second edition of Nature is the bike It will actually take place in Angers, an ideal destination for outdoor activities. This festival is an opportunity to Promote bicycle tourism in the region. In the program, the secrets of Ramsar are perfect ways to discover About Angers.

The events are very short, from 16 to 25 kilometers, and therefore are intended for the general public. From nature is the bicycle village on the Place de la Rochefoucauld, friends, families or solo cyclists are invited to join Adventure And appreciate the nuggets of Angers and its surroundings.

gravel bike event

As its name suggests, nature is a bike A festival about nature or gravel biking. In fact, gravel biking is an emerging sport halfway between road cycling and mountain biking. So it allows you to travel long distances on mixed terrain (not very technical trails and roads). This method became known thanks to the aerodynamic and influence of fashion. This event allows gravel strengthening.

Promotion of gravel farming

But it’s not just about promoting the type of bike. became gravel culture per seKind of an art of living. and then Extensive festival program : far-reaching events, shorter courses, exhibition with exhibitors, conferences, workshops, round tables, film screenings (“Tous en selle”) … and the list is far from exhaustive!

Visitors to the fair will also be able to test out gravel bikes and equipment. Does this tempt you? the event open and free. Enough to attract beginners to gravel culture!

Growing enthusiasm for this practice

The Nature is Bicycle Festival 2022 It takes full meaning if we see the growing enthusiasm for this style of cycling. This can be seen in the ever-expanding catalogs of gravel models, the spread of gravel racing across France and Europe and the incorporation of this discipline into the FFC laws. FFC’s new “Long Distance” tag illustrates the desire to make trails more visible to the general public and beginners.

This bike event is actually Responding to the increasing demand for activities related to gravel.

Cycling and Environmental Responsibility

The festival is not just about promoting the practice of gravel. uses it for To raise awareness On the issue of respect for the environment. An outdoor cycling adventure to discover natural gems goes hand in hand Environmental Responsibility.

Getting around by bike is one of the ease of movement. Therefore, bike travel is a green mode of transportation, ideal for vacations with a lower carbon footprint. The festival encourages visitors and participants to come by bicycle, by providing a huge car park.

This event is part of sustainable approach And got a rating “Environmental Event” by REEVE or Environmental Events Network. Here are the values ​​and commitments of Nature is Bike 2022:

  • Working in favor of the circular economy,
  • promoting environmental transformation,
  • Waste reduction,
  • Preserving the environment and water resources.

Gravel bike races in Angers

Like any cycling event, Nature is the bike 2022 It organizes many races and events of all distances to promote the destination of gravel and Angers. Some require good effort management, while others call for discovery. To sign up for the best fit for your sports profile, go to the official website!

here she is Purchase List Nature is the 2022 bike:

Legendary Legend Pebbles: June 24, 2022

  • Legend Ultra Pebbles 300 : Sports altitude of 300 km.
  • Bikes Gold Specialist : 38 hours of biking in a biking area with a total of 300 km.
  • Pebbles 150 Krono Sram : 150 km with time lanes

Pebbles picnics on June 25, 2022

  • Pebbles Ceremony Cesbrunn Veloland : An easy and overnight course, ideal for enjoying with friends.
  • Motorcycle 80 pounds : Biking adventure in a bivouac spanning over two days.

Events of June 26, 2022

  • 100 grit Dt Swiss : 100 km test for experienced cyclists.
  • Gravel 50 Brighton : Pure gravel spirit over 50 km.
  • Ramsar Secrets : New adventures by bike.

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Aspirations to discover the destination of Angers? Nature is the bike 2022 It will delight all curious minds in the world of pebbles. You can already Follow all the news At this cycling event through the festival’s social networks and LeCyclo. Our team will be present at the showWe are ready to welcome you, and we will make you closely follow the adventure of nature by bike!

Waiting for the weekend June 24, 25 and 26You can also discover other gravel events in France for this year.

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