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Recharging in nature

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 2:30 p.m. The weather is bright. In the group that takes shape in the parking lot of the Grand Canon in Zillisheim, the participants greet each other, and some of them meet again. Among these, Christine, who is from Brunstatt, is a regular at the “nature” outings offered by Moulin Nature in Lutterbach. For Mireille, who traveled from Masevaux, it is an opportunity to ” Discover places far from home For others, like Yassin, these picnics are an opportunity to see animals and plants.

Excursions Led by Mullen Nature Guides

Nature near me Excursions around the territory Animation Fréderic Schenk
Frédéric Schenk, Molins nature organizer

Equipped with a butterfly net, Friedrich Schenk and Axel Gross, guides for the day, joined the group after conducting an initial survey of the venue. ” The purpose of these trips is to provide time for sharing and exchange, to discover the nature that surrounds the m2A municipalities Friedrich Schenk explains. The facilitator specifies that the purpose is not scientific, but rather related to ” Live a moment in time, to ask questions about our natural environment, by taking a little off the beaten path “.

Funded by m2A, outings are free to the public.

Al-Tanbirj: a forest rich in biodiversity

Nature near me Picnics around the territory recognize beech leaves
Learn about beech leaves

Introductions, the group begins. Very quickly, we leave the way to drown in the bushes. Frédéric Schenk specifies that the path is not defined: the path is shaped according to the surrounding animals and plants.

Trees and their inhabitants

We smell, we listen, we notice. Frédéric Schenk and Axelle Gros draw our attention to a clear scent floating in the air: false acacia in flower. Very fragrant, its flowering is a godsend for honeybees that feed on pollen. This way we learn that acacia honey is actually false acacia honey!

The trees of the Altenberg Forest are home to many birds. Thus we hear blackbirds (which we identify with by their euphoric song), tits, large-spotted woodpeckers (whose brooders inhabit surrounding trunks at this time), or scalers. A real gig!

Nature near me Picnics around the territory discovering the fauna and flora of the forest
Discover the animals and plants

In search of badger

Many animals live in the forest: wild boars, deer, foxes, badgers… to name a few bigger ones. Frédéric Schenk and Axelle Gros invite the group to locate the badger terrier. Only a few meters away, we discover the mouths (entries) of the first burrow.

Badgers like to settle on gentle slopes, in the lower forest layer. The burrow has several rooms, entrances and exits. Extends for miles of galleries. When inhabited, the earth around the mouths is loose and stirred Friedrich Schenk explains.

Nature near me, picnics around the territory observing animal tracks in the mud
Watch animal tracks in the mud

Under the feet, the mouths are covered with leaves and branches, the burrow is no longer inhabited. The group continues its way in search of new natural discoveries.

Pleasant and friendly “nature” walk

Pedestrians’ access to the Grand Canon is greeted with the croak of a frog. Dragonflies flutter happily around the monument, despite it being called a “depressed dragonfly” because of its flat shape!

Frédéric Schenk and Axelle Gros provide a fun activity. The goal is simple: guess, thanks to the touch, what is in the small beanbags that the two facilitators are carrying. It’s not that simple! Everyone gives way to the game with enthusiasm.

What animal could it be?

Nature near me Picnics around the territory badger paw print
badger paw print

Another highlight of the picnic: observing animal trails in a muddy puddle at a bend in the path. ” This is it Great way to see if a place is frequented by animals » Friedrich Schenk identifies. The facilitator rotates the footprints of the animals cast in the resin so that everyone can determine which animal it is.

The walk is coming to an end. A few kilometers were covered, and there were many observations and discoveries in the Altenburg Forest.

Next outing at Berrwiller on Saturday 4th June

Nature near me Picnics around the territory looking for a burrow
Guided tours of the territory

Le Moulin Nature offers you a “discovery” tour around the village of Berrwiller to observe the plants common along the path.

Meet on Saturday 4 June 2022 at 10 am in the Espace de Vie Sociale (EVS) Dorfhisla, at the corner of Rue de Cernay and Rue Berrwiller. Duration: about two hours. is registered in. Checkout is free.

Do you know ?

Nature near me Picnics around the territory Discovery day in the woods
Friendly exchanges during the outing

From the end of April to the beginning of November 2022, 53 free “nature” outings are offered by m2A, Moulin Nature and Petite Camargue Alsacienne for a different approach to agglomeration. Objective: To discover the natural spaces close to the family in 39 municipalities with an area of ​​\u200b\u200bm2.

The full program can be found on the m2A website.

Pre-registration required

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